I Don't Know What to Do.

I can't stand the fact that my heart is totally broken into pieces. I'm disconcerted to everything that's happening...

Why can't I forget the guy who always keep on breaking my heart?

I was once a happy person. when i mwt him i thought everything would be fine. I was so happy for all his effort. I entered our relationship even if i knew that he had another girlfriend. then again he treated me fine. he should how much he cared for me. all the concerns, all his presence, i saw it all. but one thing always pops out my mind. Does he love me? or am i just a girl he needs when his girlfriend is not around.

we've been together for about 6 months. a lot of things happened. we've spend a lot time together. as if nothing can tear us apart. then he finally said that he can't leave his girlfriend but he also doesn't want me to go.

i stayed in that relationship even if it hurts like hell. i gave everyhting that i could give. but as i go on in our relationship my heart was slowly breaking. it was being torn apart. so i decided to end it up.

it wasn't easy for me. i cry all night. i sleep late, i drink till morning, i became miserable. then now his back, we decided to be just friend but i couldn't stand the fac that he still treats me the same way. I tought i have already moved on, but I couldn't, my heart is still saying that i should stay. now i cherish every moments with him even if we're just friends...

is it right? or should i go on? Oh my God! i really don't know what to do. all i'm doing now is wait for him.

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

wow, same thing here sorta. except im the girl he was with first. it sucks to feel this way! it truley does! <br />
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you know when people say, "its better to have nothing with him, then have a little bit of him." i think our problem is that we rather have a little bit then have nothing of him. i know it sucks. im staying in this realtionship cause theres still hope he might leave his gf, but yours is diff. because hes telling you that he cant leave her, im soo sorry. i wish you the best i really do.

Sweety you need to stop this, listen to u, i know how you feel. When you love someone is really difficult to let this person go, oh trust me i've been there, and im still there. It was hard at the beggining, oh gosh i dont even wanna remember it, but now is past, even though im still in love with the guy, i understand we can't be together, and not because of him, but because of me, i can keep humilliating myself, and u cant do that either. This guy is very selfish and he doesnt deserve u at all. So try to be stronger..go out with ur friends nd try to be busy, it helps....i hope u get out of this situation soon, take care!!!