Cant Have What You Have Always Needed

Why is is that you can never have what youve alwasy needed...The absolute one and only soul mate that i found turned out to claim they never wanted me and were using me.  I know that we would be perfect together and now it can never be   Now my heart is truly shattered 

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3 Responses Jun 4, 2009

Well, that is such a blessing in disguise for you. you might weep for now but eventually in the future, you will just laugh it all. It happens for a reason. When God answers a negative answer to your call, He has a positive reason behind it.

Maybe your partner really does love you back, but was sabotaging your relationship. I don't know if you relate to this but when you get something thats so good, you can't quite believe it or even accept it and so you sabotage it ....But whatever you do, keep strong, keep going, you still have work to do!

That really stinks. I wish we could choose who we love with our heads, not our hearts. Revenge sex works