Fiance Left Me For Another

 I was with my fiance for close to 6  years. We weren't married yet, but were going to as soon as I found a job, so that we can move in together. He left me a month ago and I feel so wrong. This is how it happened. I asked him to come over and see me and he said he was to tired..(he just go home from work). I got upset because we hardly spend time together and started arguing
3 days later he  breaks up with me. Told me he couldn't take the arguments he want to be happy and that I make him anxious.
First of all we don't really argue much.. In fact we get along very well. I started getting suspicious and began to snoop through his emails and stuff. There is another girl he began to talk to. I asked him about her he denied everything.
I was really beginning to believe he needed a break and wanted some time alone. 2 days ago I saw a conversation on the computer between him and the girl claiming they love each other. I snapped and told him I knew everything when I found out he was search to hotels near his work place.
I feel that he should have to me why we broke up from the beggining. Instead he made me feel guilty about arguing with him.. I after him telling me Im not going to argue anymore and am going to change and he's after some other ***.
On top of it all we have a son with Autism and I really need his support in this. But, I can't see his face. I am extemly close with his family and when I told his mom, she started crying really badly and I felt bad for telling her. I really did not want to stress her out.

I know Im not the first or last girl to go through this type of heart break. Websites recommend going out with friends and stuff. But I am an homebody. I really don't have friends. Even if I wanted to go out, I don't have a babysitter.

I am worried about my health,, I cannot it.. If I try to push in food I get nausea. I hope this is more of a depression symptom then a pregnancy one. I have lost a lot of weight in this past month. Im worried if I am really going through a clinical depression.. I know my son is suffering, because I'm not dedicating my time to him. I am mostly in bed crying.. I feed him and bathe him, but Im not playing with him as I use too.. Because of his Autism he really needs me


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Even you will agree a child with those needs requires a lot of input. Were u able to have time out as a couple,without the child there all the time?<br />
<br />
Do u want to be with a guy who bails out and can not be open and honest with u after 6 years together?<br />
<br />
Is he worthy of being with u? He is a father but you have to focus on the main task.loving and caring for an innocent child.he can not suffer for the adult stresses of your life.<br />
<br />
Try to eat well,accept support,ask for help,school other parents etc.<br />
<br />
Best wishes

Hope things work out better with you and your child. Forget about this guy...He doesn't deserve you. Just focus on taking care of yourself and your child. I hope you find happiness.

try not to get too down. I know that cant be easy under the circumstances but stop thinking about this man, think about yourself and your son and get yourself back up and prove yourself to be the better person. If he wants to act like an immature idiot let him but you have things to get on with and like you said you son needs you...more than anyone in the world.