To Everyone Out There That Has Ever Had Their Heart Broke..

 Most of the time it is the worse pain in the world.  You feel like you are robbed of a future that will never happen.  You doubt yourself, you feel as if it was your fault, and the worst part is the emptiness you feel inside that is the void that person used to fill.  The worst part is most of the time you do not even know the nagging question in your mind of why.  You replay over and over in your head what you ever told the person.  You replay in your head over and over what you want to say or should have said to them.  And then at night the bed is so big and alone.

You will survive!   You will be strong again someday!  If I could hug everyone that hurts so much as mentioned above I would.  But its the love in your heart that you once have that makes the dream of love so worth it!  Never again give your heart to just anyone.  Never again trust until that person proves they will take your heart and love it just as you would love theirs.  Learn from your past mistakes in relationships when possible but never ever loose faith in yourself.  The night may be long but the sun will rise!   Love may be foolish but its so worth it in the end.  I myself will gladly get my heart broken a thousand times if it means I will have it loved in the end.  

Peace, love, hope, and dreams.  They are the goodness of this world and throwing them away would be the greatest tragedy of all.

Take care of each other EP and above all Love each other and do your best to not break any hearts....

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This really helped me. I just had a bad break a few months ago, and it seems that every time I start getting better something happens and I back track, but I know one day I will finally be over this and move on. I know there must be someone out there for me, I just wish it wasnt so hard to find that person

I am happy this helped you :)

During my second year at uni my three year relationship ended when the person I love fell in love with my best friend and saw her behind my back, I never thought that the pain I felt could ever be beaten. Everyday was a struggle and I felt like I should have died of a broken heart.

Then a year later I fell in love again, this felt amazing, like the best feeling in the world. I was wary at first to trust but then I fell deeply in love with him. 9 months later he breaks my heart and leaves me for no real reason other than fear and a change in what he wanted. This happend 2 weeks ago and I feel as if I am dieing all over again, except this feels worse. I thought I would be stronger but this hurts even more than last time. I just want to give up.

Oh I am so so so sorry to hear that :(

That is so true i know the feeling why i have trouble letting anyone in now:)
So many deceiving people its sad, i know that empty feeling and its something i never want to feel ever again if i can help it:)

I am in the exact same boat right now!! I know what kinda woman I want, and if she is ever going to have my heart she will have to prove she wants to be my best friend first and have the same dreams as I, or willing to share hers and blend them with mine. I feel like I am so picky now but I have not given up.

I agree with you there referring to to the opposite gender:)

I hope things get better for you :) (((hugs)))

I cried when I read this because this is exactly what I'm going through right now. Nice to know that there's someone out there who understands so whole-heartedly.

I am so sorry about your broken heart and your tears :( Sadly I have been there too many times in my life. Things will get better for you!!!

I hope so. It's been over a month and it still hurts as fresh as if it happened yesterday.

my last one happened almost a year ago.. it took many months to get over her, and even though I still think about her now and then, it got easier and better.

I'm sorry :-( This **** sucks canal water. I hope your next love is the love you've been looking for.

Would you mind if I add you?

please add me! I am always happy to meet new people here especially ones that are so in need :)

Spiffy! :-D

And, guessing off your user-name, are you in the Denver area too?

Im just going through this too . My first ever heart break

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What a sweet message to give those who have had their hearts broken in dating relationships. Denverguy, you a real gift with writing and knowing how to get your point across with such intelligent, understanding, kind, soothing and thoughtful words. Anyone whose gone through breakup in a relationship knows just how devastating, and what a sad, hopeless, empty feeling one has in the pit of their heart. Broken Heart is the exact and correct name for it. You can eat or sleep and cry often. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, and I don't even have one. IT HURTS!!

Thank you so much for the compliment!! I am truly beaming at your kind words :)

I meant every word I said about what you wrote denverguy. I think it's so gracious and kind of you to be thinking about not just your broken, but the fact that you're caring enough to help other people who have gone through a breakup and, or, are going through one at the present time. My son went through a breakup with his girl friend of 3 years. It wasn't his idea, she wanted to date another man she met, and wanted her space. It devastated him and it hurt me worse to see what a number it was doing on him. I didn't think he would ever come out of it. I liked her too, but that's just life in the big cities. He found a new job and didn't date at all for 2 years. Then he met his soul mate on Dec. 31st, 2008 at a New Year's Eve Party, they dated for over 2 years and they got married April 30, 2011. They are both so happy and very much in love. Guess all good things come to those who wait and have suffered a broken heart. Good Luck in finding your love and soul mate! Take care now!

Thank you, and glad you liked it! It's just too bad, though, that most people don't get to find their soul mate the 1st time they meet and date each other. Breaking up and ending a long relationship is hard to do, and so heartbreaking, at the time it happens, especially for the one who didn't want it to end.

This post is warming Denverguy, and it is very true, every aspect of's heart is fragile and open and vulnerable. you can feel so joyous and have your heart and love discarded and torn too :( I liked the line as you stated, 'you replay what you want to say or should have said to them', and in that breakage, is a vast emptiness that seems will never be filled :( Thank you for offering moments of light here amidst a heart that is sullen, barren, or are an endearing writer.

thank you so much for your compliments and your sweet words! Many mountain dews to you for them :)

Haha... ty Denver:) Just got some diet Mt. dew today..Ty for your post here of the most endearing ones I've seen

yay! Mnt dew party for both of us!!! and I am blushing now too :) Of everything I ever wrote here on EP this story is one I am very proud of because of all the responses I ever had from it. One lady even told me on here she was going to post this on her refrigerator!

Wow, now THAT's impressive sir :) It truly was an inspiring read.. having your heart broken is devastating, so much so that you want to crawl into ur bed, and never come out.. you feel ripped down/dejected :( but I love the line," Never again give your heart to just anyone," and , "..never lose faith in yourself"... I have been very "unfaithful" to/in myself , thinking guys or others are better and more than me and that I don't have much to offer:( .. but, that line , Never lose faith in yourself..that was a wonderful one.. Ty Denver guy :)

The pleasure really is all mine!! Reading your comment made me smile very big :)

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Love can come in so many forms....a traditional relationship is only one facet of love. Love can come in the enjoyment of what you are doing, or in the help of a friend or even in the face of your pet. Love is all around us. You have to look carefully, but you can find it if you need it.

very wise thoughts :)

That's exactly how I feel right now. Especially the part about being "robbed of a future that will never happen". That's the worst feeling. I am sorry you had to go through that but it helps me to know that I'm not alone with this :)

The crazy part about life is I wrote this then met a girl I actually fell hard for and dated her for a couple years. This story, and comments like yours has helped me except that she was not the one for me and to move on with my life. Thank you for your kind words :)

very well and deeply stated. "Never again trust until that person proves they will take your heart and love it just as you would love theirs". I let one guy tried to convince me so hard for few months, until i fell into him, and I thought i gave myself enough time to get to know him, and he was really persistent. one day he never returned my call nor my text. and 2 months past by, im still wondering what i did wrong.

im so happy i can never love

I am just amazed for what I've just read, it's my honor to have come across to your story, it's really nice and very well said. It's really helpful to those who are going through broken hearts and to those who are still in the complicated relationship, i will keep this mind. It's one of the most nicest post I've ever read here. You seems smart and sincere that's why you're story captured our attention, i really read it from the start and til the end, I understand every words I've read from this story.
I learned from this:) Thanks for posting it!

Wow!! thank you so much for the compliment :) I am happy you read it :)

I'm glad you're happy:)

I am glad to come across this I got my heart broken a second time a few months ago and I cried hysterically I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me and sick to my stomach my chest was aching and to make things worse he lied and I got no real explanation of why he ended things I thought I loved him I don't think he loved me he said he did but I think he just said it but didn't mean it.

I am sorry about your break up :( Sounds like me and my ex gf who I dated for a couple years. I felt so in love with her and she was not happy in the relationship even though weeks before we broke up she wanted to just go to the court house and get married. Why do they do that to us? Why waste our time if they don't feel the love?

Loved this.

I'm 20 years old. I've only 4 boyfriends ever, all 4 were serious, and all entirely ripped out my heart & threw it in a wood chipper. I said i was done with all of them, said i'd wait to love again, wait the time was right. I've been single a year now, and have never been happier. Feels great.

There are many advantages to being single. Its so much better to just live your life and not rush things.

Thanks, encouraging and consoling to me now.

Your welcome, we all need it now and then

Tears are streaming down my face right now but your beautiful words have uplifted my spirit. Thank you for the inspiration to mend a broken heart.

I am so sorry for your tears, I been there too many times myself. I am happy my words have helped you :)

This is magnificent. Absolutely beautiful

I Love it , thank u for this!

Your so very welcome :)

Thank you very much!!! I have a broken heart right now and this made me feel a little better.

I hope it will get better for you in time. Life is always full of ups and down. :(

I love the way you described your feelings.... sadness, depression but then you revive and relive and spread positive feelings... thank you for sharing. I know that we all have to suffer for some sort of personal growth... but than again: Does "Love" really exist if we only suffer because of it? I sometimes doubt that each one of us is lucky enough to experience real love on earth... there are too few really feeling happy in their relationships... most are based on a mental decision whether related to money or other reasons. I just have lost faith in relationships and love... over a decade I am suffering from partners that misuse my trust and lie, cheat, and put their loyalty to other women. I am so tired of it, at times I feel I could just leave the city and buy a cabin or log home in the middle of a forest and be by my own... maybe I ll do it one day!

Thankyou soo much for what you said. You don't know how much it made me felt good. You gave me an inspiration. Thankyou soo much! They may say that I'm still young for this so-called Love but I believe there's no age requirement to feel love, right? But, thankyou again, and God Bless you. :)

but how to face the world ahead and hoping the sun will shine when inside u r allready dead

This was absolutely so beautiful

Great ...

thank you

ur welcome

thanks.. so inspiring and make me wanna try to move on

I hope you do move on!! Just make sure its with the right person is all. Go slow and give it time.

yup.. i ll try my best and don't wanna make same mistake more and more.

My wish for you is the next person is the one for you for sure then and not just another mistake!! :)


thank you :)

WOW!!! There is nothing more I can say than that.

Interesting perspective you have. You described the pain and heartbreak very well. :)

Thank you! Sadly I been there myself way to many times.

This made me smile :) I agree Id rather have my heart broken a thousand times rather than never take a chance on love again.

your so nice I hope you never have your heart broken ever again :)

"the night may be long, but the sun will rise". I loved everything about this story. So inspiring. Thank you!!

your very welcome :)

wow. just wow. ur so sensitive denverguy. thank u for this.


thank you :)

This story gives me so much hope. Thank you for that. The love of my life left me because I was selfish and I was never there for her when she needed me. She was always there for me and I became this insecure jealous @$$hole. She had enough and walked away. I don't blame her. I have never been in so much pain. I see now that I was so wrong and I tried every possible way to show her I was a different man. She always wanted to get married and I proposed to her, but it was too late. She won't hear me out. I hurt her so bad. It's true when they say "you don't know what you have until it's gone." My heart hurts so much and I thought it would never be the same. I even told myself, never fall in love again and you'll never hurt like this again. She broke up with me about a month ago. Then I can across this forum. Now I have hope again. Loving her was greatest time of my life. I hope I can feel that again some day. I want to thank everyone for helping me see that. I know better now, which means I will do better next time. I know I need to heal and I need to let her heal as well. I still have a long way to go, but at least I hope in my heart now. Thank you.

I was told that there is someone else. I am suffering now, but I know that things get better soon. I have regrets though, I wish I'd thrown myself in more, been more active and shown more affection. Instead I was holding back and being avoidant to protect myself from this pain that is here now and that I knew I would experience nevertheless. A friend told me yesterday. Next time you need to dare to just act how you feel. Hug, kiss and hold him. Just give and don't expect returns. If he doesn't respond, then it's his loss. At least it wasn't because YOU didn't see the effort. With this lesson I move on.

Thank you denverguy

your very welcome! I hope it helped you

That was truly beautiful.

thank you

Your words are so true and from the heart. Lovely story my friend. I am glad there are loving people out there like you. It gives me hope that one day I will find my true love. *~hugs~*

You will find them!! Every song, book, and movie promises us a happy ending and if we keep our hearts open then it will be found!!! :)

Thank you very much for your post and it is so lovely to read and it describes exactly what i feel ,the pain and hurt but i still carry on and be happy some day. positive thinking and will power and be thankful for what i have!!!!

Thank you for this. I am crying as I am typing. You have given me sometime to hold on to.

Its all going to be ok! Everyone of us must hang on to that hope. :)

I am stronger for my heart breaking. After all, now I see females as little more than sex toys. Had that heart break never occurred. I might have never seen this important lesson.

I needed to see this today, right now! Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

I once loved a man for 20 something yrs..we dated for 3 yrs in my twenties..for different reasons it didn't work out but I never stopped loving him...thought about him so much...even after I married and had 3 my 40s I had a chance to meet him again and it was like we never parted..except that I now saw that he had never changed... I was able to clearly see that all the years I still felt that I loved him had been a waste....a non reality...
I was able to finally move on and realize that I didn't actually love him.

Because when we met again after 20 something yrs he was still the same non commiting man...never married. .lived alone..had no intentions of ever getting marriedor having a commitment.It made me rrealize that for all those years in my head I made him something he wasn't..he wasn't as important as the dream in my head

I am happy this helped you! :)

That's true mysticflower, sometimes love can be so tragic you can never truly heal from it. Believe me, I know love. Some people say that everyone has there heartbroken and that is true but there are heart breaks and heartbreaks. It's like you can have a small car crash and think it was the worst time in your life until you have a really bad smash. However, good things can come out of it like compassion and understanding.

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Hearts do mend and go on to love another.
We think we will surely drown in hopelessness but as the minutes tick into hours and hours into days we at some point dont spend every last second thinking anout that lost some point we realize we've gone a few hours without thinking we will die...then a few days....then we can look back and hopefully its a fond memory of the good times and not the " what went wrong " times.
Im not there yet...havnt got past the minutes...but I will.

I'm such a broken toy at the moment... I have had my heart shattered twice in 6 months. I'm sobbing as I type this because you've taken my heart, pain, dashed dreams and ruined futures and penned it down for me. Thank you so much D. Really.

You really are welcome! I am so sorry for your hurt. I was only able to write it all down as I did because I have been there too many times. I hope in your future you really do find someone that will protect your heart from such pain ever again. :)

Great story -- these are thoughts that go through my mind on a daily basis. Never give up on the power of love!

You must be a very happy person then to have such thoughts everyday!! :)

That was really great. You are a good person.

I mean it when I say thank you. :)

Your a good person too :)

Quirky, and silly, but good. :)

Quirky and silly translates into being happy! :)

It absolutely does!

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Read this and could relate. Thx.

Your very welcome! I am sorry your able to relate though :( Your going to be just fine!! I wish nothing but good things for your life!!!!

It is all so very very true. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

your so welcome! It hurts right now but you need to let go. No one is expecting you to be strong today but at the same token no one ever gets strong by sitting around just waiting for life to happen. Take baby steps, surround yourself with good friends, listen to uplifting music, and do things that you enjoy doing! :)

“Broken heart will turn into a stronger one within hope.”
― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

oh I like that a lot!!! :)

One of my keeps me going thru hardest time :)

I will have to remember that. :)

Yeah, happens too often. Perhaps that's why I have cultivated relationships with massage therapists.....I'm already nude, they are not ashamed of getting naked and off we go without any bullshit and games. And, we stay friends.

oh yes! I have felt this way exactly before,and I swear I wrote myself a letter like this... I wanted to remember how painful that breakup was, and how I was able to eventually get over, hoping the next time wouldnt hurt so bad... I totally relate to this. Thanks for sharing!

That is so beautiful. Thank you.

your very welcome. :)

Wow.....thankyou for such enlightening words! Yes,there are times we all have had a broken heart,or have one. Like what you said,?Learn from your mistakes in past relationships,and never give up on yourself." So true,and wise. I think each person comes into our lives for a reason,a time,a seaon.We give and take,the things we were meant to give,and receive for that moment.It ultimately brings you closer to knowing what you are willing to be for the one you love,and what your searching for in your soul mate.Even,if there are gets so low......God never gives up on you,and that's the time to really be extra kind,and nuturing to yourself,just as you would someone else,going through a ruff time.The best is yet to come!Cheers!

loved it

I am happy you did :)


thank you :)

Your welcome xx

I want you to know your words made me strong. Im a beautiful girl inside and out with no problem of so many good nice guys wanting to love me but i got caught up with the wrong one, last night he tried to call me with his false promises..again. But i didnt answer, your words gave me hope and eased my heart. You made me believe again. You made me realise I can stop my heart hurting by realising my heart and life are far too precious to let someone play with like a puppet on a string. Im worth so much more...from the bottom of my heart I thankyou..from way accross the miles..alittle irish girl xx

Any guy that ends up with you and that will take care of that precious heart of yours will be such a lucky man indeed! You have so won the battle knowing you are a beautiful person and are worth so much more then what you have already been given! You should be proud of yourself 1000 times over! And the best part of EP is no one is ever too far away to be friends. :)

Im smiling :) xxx

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I am recovering from a heartbreak :c even though it happened soloing ago yet it hurts a lot :c

This is just what I needed to read right now. Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much for your kind words

Excellent post

Thanks for this....

Definitely helps.

Thanks. This helps. It doesn't make the pain go away but It's inspiring. I hope it's true. I hope I do find someone who will love me for everything and who won't hurt me.

Thank you-much needed right now for this "Wisconsin girl"!

your so welcome :) Even a "Wisconsin girl" needs words to make her strong again now and then. :)

Denverguy has true insight. His wisdom is very encouraging. My husband is leaving me after 25 years of marriage...yes...for a younger woman. I am posting denverguy,s words or my walls. It is hard. I will never allow the hurt to swallow me again. I will never love anyone but myself.

I read this and I cry to my hearts content yet... I need that someone, that someone to help me through all of this. Yes, all I want is a hug but since my best and only true friend was my lover then I'm stuck. It's like I'm cursed for the rest of my unnatural life as an outsider to existence. I'm the one who will sit there amongst a group of friends watching and judging relationships because I will compare them to mine... well, the one I once had.

I'm the same way. I want to be truly loved. Would you believe a guy that tells you he loves you but wants to watch you sleep with other people. This is my husband BTW and then you have some clues he is cheating and he tells you he would never do that to you as well as your children? He claims he was set up and that someone wanted to hurt me or make us split up. I feel sick and disgusted. But in the same sense its making me want to go sleep with different guys to please him because apparently that's what excites him. I don't want him to go be with this girl because I saw him in a video and she was with and two other guys and I know it makes him interested. I have the desire to find out more details about what took place and how involved they have been. Why do I torture myself its like he has beat me down over the past eight years I don't know who I am anymore.

Sadly this week I am going threw another breakup. My own words touched me and of all the stories I wrote I am so proud of this one. Thank you for all the kind words everyone has said about it and I am happy it has touched you. Dare to dream everyone!

denverguy, you're amazing to write that. I'm hurting so bad right now that I can't think about dating but one thing is for sure, I too will continue the risk of having my heart broken because the possibility of finding love again is the only cure for my broken heart.

Yea... guess i will do the same, if we are afraid to ove again then we will just be stuck in the fast and would be hard to move on. Good luck to all of us. God Bless :)

Hi Denver. I know you write this quite a while ago, but I want you to know the words helped me today. They made me cry, but they helped. Logically I know everything you wrote is absolutely right. Now if I can just listen and accept emotionally, I'll be getting somewhere.

"The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be" – Marcel Pagnol

Well it hasn't got any easier for me!

I hope it does get easier for you

ok, last time I comment on this site but I'm going to speak my mind. Your words of encouragement sicken me. Putting my heart out to allow it to be hurt again isn't going to come in time. I truely doubt I'll make it another 4 months without a direct divine intervention of some kind. If I continue to live in this world it would be only to find her and track her down, show the outer world her insides and bath in her blood as I called the cops to come get me. I NEVER offered her a reason to drag me through all this. I wasn't even treated as a person anymore. I will see her last beat shortly before I see mine.

i love my husband and it pains a lot to sign on the divorce papers... my daughter misses him badly. i am shattered and agonized... and so is my daughter

I just found this now and I am about to print this and blow it up and put it on my fridge cause recently (and for the first time) Ive been going through this pain... it's unbearable... as if I was not built to face this type of pain... I am constantly thinking about the robbed future... and the void... and how I feel that I will never love another like I did... that I m gonna be sad person for the rest of my life... and I don't want to live like this another minute.<br />
<br />
Now that the engagement is off... I don't know in what direction I am supposed to take my first step....can't even get it off the ground.

this is still the best compliment I have ever had in my life and I think of your words often.

JUst dont fall in love. Simple.<br />
<br />
Why bother? People are just going to hurt you right denver? I mean its strange how someone can be hurt so bad but then he can hurt other people... weird.<br />
<br />
Never let yourself fall in love. Its silly

All the great comments that have been made on this story only remind me of what great people there are on EP!

right now i am going this kind of pain. its so hard to see the light. But like you said the night is long BUT the sun will rise. Sometimes you have take it min by min let alone day by day. I'm at the min by min stage. Life can throw you some curves its just how take them and survice them. I know i am survivor and i will get through this ...NOW If my heart would catch up with my head!

DG - It is beautiful - your sentiment and your spirit!<br />
<br />
Brokentears - my heart aches for you - I have a suggestion my friend - do what you said, don't be looking anymore - and concentrate on you - you matter - alone or a couple - you are important - and right now, I am not sure you believe it - I don't know if you realize how much YOU matter - and you don't believe in yourself - people can sense that - they might not KNOW that is what they are sensing but that is it...<br />
<br />
My husband is and has struggled and is just realizing that he has been afraid most of his life - afraid of failure, rejection, losing everything.... and guess what - people are sensing it - and it's coming through in everything he does - and he has now lost his job twice in 9 years and he has pushed and pushed and pushed me away to the point that he may get exactly what he feared - me leaving...<br />
<br />
I tell you all this just to give you an example of how people give us exactly what we expect them to give us - good stuff or bad stuff - I have read your "stuff" and you are sad, but you seem like such a good hearted person - believe in you!! I am not preaching - I am saying this to myself too!! <br />
<br />
I will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers!

Brokentears - You just need to give your heart a rest. Maybe many people are out there playing games but if you yourself just work on the friendship with the guy first not expecting anything then you will get to know him very well and see if he is the type to play games or not. Its not easy but that is what makes love so special and worth it in the end. And its not impossible because there are many others out there that do live happily ever after together.

Broken tears - as long as you keep thinking you are meant to be alone you will be. But what if you started thinking there is someone out there for you! And what if you were right! You will never know if you give up. <br />
<br />
Ninx - Thank you very much for your kind words and your hug. Puts a smile on my face every time. :)

Beautiful!!! As always denver your writing is an inspiration! -bear hug-

Thank you sweetapple :)<br />
<br />
I just hope it inspires people to never give up!

great post, denver. i can totally relate to what you're saying. :)

I read this article. I can not find a better way except endure and tolerate someone whom you loved deeply but who hurt you at last. I think the biggest problem is we can not believe our true love sometimes results to someone's treachery to us.