All Alone On My Birthday

Today is my birthday and i have been crying all afternoon. I am so sad cuz i am home all alone and no one wants to see me for my birthday. My boyfriend broke up with me last week when we had a fight. We have been together for almost 2 years. This past week he has said he hasn't been happy in a long time, but he never gave me the slightest hint of this. It came so all of a sudden and i keep begging him for another chance. Finally last night i got him to say he'd give me 2 more weeks at a relationship to show him that we can be happy. But he also said that he felt pressured into it and he's been acting kind of distant. This past week when ever we were alone he wanted to cuddle or hold hands or kiss. But then he hangs out with his friends and after he says that he didn't mean any of it. His friends don't want him to be with me, but they don't know me. They don't know how we are together when we are alone. When we were alone I also felt magic between us. Just the way he would look at me, or hold me, i felt like i wanted it to go on for forever. Now he tells me we aren't meant for each other and he doesn't think things will work. My heart is just torn into pieces and the worst part is that it is ruining my birthday and it makes me so sad. I'm 19, and i already hate my birthday. I just want hope that our relationship will be repaired but the only way i can get that is if i see him and we start acting really close again. But i don't know if 2 weeks is enough time to get that close. He promised 2 weeks and i think that the moment 2 weeks is up he's going to dump me again. I have only a little bit of time to make a lot happen. I don't even know where it starts. He tells me i'm not outgoing enough, and that i'm very opinionated and critical. I have met so many new ppl this week because i'm trying to be outgoing, and i haven't said anything opinionated or critical. So i don't know what else to do to make him realize he still loves me. Because 2 weeks ago we were really close and now its hard to get him to talk to me. i just need advice on how to win a guys heart back in 2 weeks. he used to be in love with me, but his friends convince him otherwise.

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heyyy my dear i know how it feels because i av been dere before my girlfriend cheated on me on my birthday n evn gave her secret love blow job on my birthday n sad part is that i still love her soo much ba dun fink ill ever b happy on birthday ever again am soo sad

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Listen sweetie, you are TOO young to be so sad over such an a-hole! I know it hurts and I know you care about him. The truth is that even if he ends up staying with you for who knows how long.... he will not respect you if you continue to just try to be how he wants you to be. He is already not respecting you. Ask yourself if you really want to be with someone who doesn't respect you??? You are worth SO much more than that.<br />
And guess what? You deserve to be loved for who you are. If you don't like certain things about yourself, then you should change them... for you, not for some loser (who obviously enjoys being with you if he makes time to be close with you physically) but is too selfish to admit it because he is too immature for a real relationship! I would turn the tables on him and tell him you deserve to be treated better and that you changed your mind, and tell him to forget it (the meaner, the better). You should be out on the town having fun right now meeting new people or spending time with friends!!! Don't waste another breath on someone who doesn't appreciate you!!! You WILL find someone else that treats you better that you will care about if you want to. Cheer up! Celebrate being a young girl with lots of choices!! :)

awe man what a sad birthday, on my 19th birthday it went the same way hun, im also 19 my bd was in feb, me and my ex broke up and he didn't say happy birthday.<br />
Im not trying to be mean but when guys act like the way your boyfriend did, usually means they are seeing someone else, why would he not want to be with you? it is obvious you are the one trying in the relationship, that is on him. Don't be sad =[ I'm sorry this is happening to you I really am. I know the feeling, and it is not a good place to be. and it's not his friends fault, it's his fault, he is complaining to them and acting like a victim and they are just feeding him. The best advice for a guy like that is trust me find someone else and stop wasting your time with him, You don't want to be with someone who doesn't feel the same way, it always causes heartache and emotional abuse, he said he felt forced into the relationship because he felt bad for hurting you, why would you want to be with someone who is just with you because they feel bad? He isn't worth it.