I Wish It Didnt Hurt

I wish I could just forget him. And the times we shared. And the gifts we shared. The times we cried and the times he lied.

I wish He would have let me take the break we needed to re-group. I wish he wouldnt have taken me for granted. I waish I didnt give up.

Wish I let him see me cry more then once. I wish I would have listen to him when he said calm down. I wish my tears could dry on there own. I wish he show'd me he "loved" me the way he said.I wish he would have told me he ment something different when he'd say "I love you more".I wish when he told me, "I'm never going to intentionally hurt u" he ment it.

I can wish all i want but it wont change that just days ago I told my Best Friend, My love, My strenth, My Boy friend of 4 years and 36days to never speak to me again.

Keyame Keyame
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 25, 2010

I just broke up with my boyfriend for the same reasons. It hurts (hurts isn't really a strong enough word) to say goodbye to someone you love, but you did the right thing. If he couldn't show you love in the way you needed it, then you would never have felt emotionally fulfilled, there always would be something missing in the relationship. Whenever I feel my heart start to break again I just remember that. Everyone always says the pain will end, and I know they are right, it just takes time. Hang in there.

I am so sorry for your loss. I too understand the pain of a broken heart. I commend your strength in taking a stand you must have strongly felt you needed to. I wish you the best in the healing process.