It's Shattered

My heart is shattered and I'm picking up it's pieces. Each one makes me bleed. Each one holds a precious memory. Each one is gone into eternity without me. My fingers bleed with the passing of the time. The frame I use to rebuild my heart's fragile walls holds each one steady with each drop of blood I shed. The colors in the glass a reflection of the past, and hints of futures no longer cast. It's a bleak puzzle. One that defies me. One that keeps me longing for an end to the bleeding tears I drain slowly from my tender fingertips. Songs of love lost and found, dead and gone. Songs of  happiness, now tell of songs of sorrow. Hope flies in and out of the window as I sit and repair the fragile thing that is my heart. I only catch glimpses now and then. Dreaming of the day when it shall perch and sing it's song to me.

theredlady theredlady
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13 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Glad to hear it ........

yeah.... I had a lot of help along the way from a lot of friends, but there is this one person who's making it worth the trip.

Glad you sre finding your way RL , remember only love breaks your heart , dosnt mean we should be afraid to try again ...... you will get their .

Oh misused... I have finally found a way I think. I hope that you do too one day. My prayers I send to you as well.

Each time I read another lost love, lost soul story I sink further into my own personal hell. I, after wanting nothing more but to love him and him love rock on our wooden porch in our his/hers rocking chairs holding hands sippin iced tea telling our love story to our grandkids was left because he doesnt want to hurt me anymore than he has. Does anyone out there know n live by unconditional love? Im so sorry for the pain that has made its home in your heart. Id love to wave a magic wand and help you not only heal but to also never suffer at the hands of love again! Prayers sent for you.

Mine too Faucon. <br />
laurenrecall.... thank you. I 'm okay now. It's just a feeling that had to come out. thank you for commenting.

I love Dickinson... My favorite poet.... Thank you Faucon

sisadj, I was once there, where you are. I've managed to put my life back to a place where I accept the change I've gone through and am moving on. I am better, but still have moments of .... remembering. As you are one day it will become impossible to stay, move forward and you will see.<br />
<br />
FriendofPromise Valentines day /month is a painful time to see so many with their loved ones. I miss mine so much, but I am moving on with my life as he wanted me to do. Accepting was has happened and learning from him who I was and now am, I am finding my way back too.<br />
Things are different.....and better now that I accept it.

That is so crushingly sad... I am so sorry you are suffering so... <br />
<br />
I was in this place where you are, and I am slowly finding my way back... it will get better...

It's a place where I am at right now, like things I took for granted, I now long for to be back to normalcy,,,,down to just watching TV, cooking, listening to music, going about my business, is too painful because of the memories involved.

I'm sorry that you have. It's a horrible, lonely place to be.


aww... **hugs** i don't know the feeling but it sounds horrible