My Heart Is Broken And We Haven’t Broken Up Yet.

                   2 weeks ago my G/F came over to my house and suggested that we had no future and that we should break up. Both of us have busy lives and impossible work/parenting schedules that rarely have us child free and available at the same time. I am totally in love with this girl and she says that she loves me as well, but it’s just too hard. We met last week and agreed to keep it going. I pledged to do things on her terms, ( Ie visit her at her house instead of she always coming to my house)  as I was fully aware that she had gone over and above the call of duty in the past months and it was compromising her parenting. So we’ve been seeing each other infrequently ( Mostly on her terms) and I’ve been happy for what we’ve got. (We’re happy for what we’ve got ?) 

            I came over to her house last night for Valentines night. It was a lovely night. I helped her move some furniture, we shared home made Sushi , a few beers and chocolates. We kissed but didn’t (couldn’t) take it any further. We talked for a long time about our possibilities, and reflected on our past few months ,but although we are still a couple she is still reluctant to commit to any future for us.

              I felt really sad today. I’m trying to prepare myself for the inevitable and I’ve already done my fair share of grieving. I thought I could be strong but my strength and hope comes in  peaks and troughs. We still really enjoy our small amount of time that we have together, so I don’t see why we should break up if we are still in love with each other. We seem to have good communication and good compatibility, so that is something but it’s all about now, the future is too far away…

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I wouldn't breakup with her yet if you still love each other. perhaps you are having a rough time seeing more of each other due to parenting commitments but this won't last forever because the children growup and become more independant themselves.<br />
You don't want to lose a good thing when you've found that special one.