My Heart Is Bleeding Through My Eyes

Every time is think there is no possible way that i can cry any more, it just starts again. Like every one else in this group, my heart is broken in ways that i would never be able to describe to anyone.

My story is quite long so i wont go into it too much, besides it will most probably just make me cry again.

I'm soo sick of being this person. I dont want to have a broken heart, i don't want to mope around and struggle to smile.

How is it that most of the time it's always the "good" people, the nice people who get their hearts squashed and stomped on... and then even be so stupid to keep going back for more??? 

I am married to a man who really doesnt give a **** about me. It hurts soo much too love someone who has fallen out of love with you, it hurts so much to want to be a part of someone, but all they want is someone else. it's complete torture when they know they are hurting you, but just dismisses you and act like everyhing is normal.

It hurts even more knowing that the only solution for healing my heart, will hurt my kids forever.

I'm sorry too all of you feeling like you can't breathe and feeling like you're numb from the pain.

SadeX SadeX
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

I am sorry, I am in kind of the same situation. You can read my story if you look for it. But in short, my wife argues that she doesn't love me as a husband any more... she changed her mind after a series of events that discovered her emotional affair... a fantasy that wasn't even real. She tough someone else was contacting her, but it was not true. but she developed a love that she has lost for her real husband. I know I am not perfect, not close at all, but I have tried to do my best. She says she lost her love for me thru the years and not because this last event, and this because the way I have been to her and the events just made her realize what was hapenig with her feelings for me. Yes, it really hurts to be in this situation but she wants to make a sure decision and in the meantime we are going to family counseling. Right now she wants me away from her... but close to the kids (it is ok). But my bed without her is so cold.. I miss her kisses, I miss her huges, I miss her phone calls, I miss her "I love you's". I just have to wait for her to make up her mind. Maybe a month, meaybe two months... who knows... love her too much that I don't care right now. Good luck to you.