I Thought I Was Inlove.

Why do we fall in love with someone who is so awful? Why do we do that? I recently thought I found the one. And he kissed me. I guess I was his first kiss, which made me happy. I'm 14. yes, I know I shouldn't find the one at this point of my life, but I thought i did. The next two days made me insanely happy. He told me he loved me. and we both don't take I love you lightly. Two days later he TEXTS me saying to me that he cant love me because he loves someone else. I threw my phone at the wall. It snapped in half.  I called him. He told me there was someone else. That she was the girl of his dreams. I was so happy for him. I was heart broken. But wanted him the best. After 7 months of him telling me he loved me, It came down to this: we kissed. We were practically going out for two days. Then he tells me that. He told me I was his best friend and nothing else. I could live with that. I wrote a letter to the girl he now liked saying to forgive him and it was my fault. Looking back, it was his. He played both her and I, not I played her.  The next night he calls me and tells me that I cant be his friend that he hates me. That its my fault the girl he likes doesn't like him.

A month passes by. I just found out tonight he says he doesn't know who i am and he wont talk to me because he thinks I caused all of his drama with the other girl.I've been crying this whole night. The worst part? I still love him. Its so hard to move on. I just can't do it. I want to.He's a jerk. But how do I move on? I just feel like he was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

You DEFINITELY DO have to move on girl! Yes you are very young but I know at that age you think you know what's going on and that this is right. But trust me as much as grown ups will tell you, it will get better in the future and there will be many better things ahead of you and it is so true! Just see this as an experience. I've been through many guy experiences good and bad..mostly bad lol. I will tell you now..that is how most guys are. Especially when they are young, they will play around. And I'm not gonna judge all the guys out there but a lot of them only care about girls and sex. They will do whatever they can to try to get in your pants. They will sweet talk, tell you they love you, buy you things..let's just say it does not matter how sweet and nice they are to you, they might just be doing it for their own good! Just hang in there, you will surely meet many more guys who are wayyyy better and will actually treat you with respect and who will love you and accept you for everything you are. Don't ever rush things like this please for your own good..I've gone through what you've gone through plenty of times and it is painful and hard to move on, but just be strong! You're young and still learning.