My Heart Is Broken...

I will admit, I haven't been with many.  But I knew what I felt for him was real, it was pure, it was love...

I gave him my heart, body, and mind...

He broke my heart, he invaded my body, and he destroyed my mind...

And I know it's love, because despite all this, I love him still.

CoracaoQuebrado CoracaoQuebrado
26-30, F
2 Responses Apr 19, 2010

to love is not a crime girl,especially genuinely as you did,do you know you can still be happy together again if you care,the way you writes shows you still love him like the first day you met him,if this is true about you then i have a good news for you.<br />
<br />
do you know you can still have him at your feet begging for your return,if you will call it no jokes and take me serious ,if you can follow the guide I'll be giving,i guarantee you will have him back.<br />
<br />
this i have promised myself to let out every victim of broken hearth having survived the arrow of hearth break some two years ago through this resourceful information i want to give here.maybe you have tried hanging out with friends,clubbing,drinking and you are almost depressed, you don't have to trow any pity party on yourself all you need do is stand up to the situation and face it with courage as i did and could have what belongs to me back to myself. <br />
<br />
know this,Winners never quit and quitters never win.<br />

I kind of know how you feel I love a man to this day who did hurt me usually mentally . God but when we were happy we were awesome I miss him and think i always will how does a person ever get past something like this?