It Happened Out Of The Blue

A few months ago, after my first amputation, I met a girl with CP on disabled world. We got to chatting and found out we had so many things in common. Her husband of 26 years passed away 4 years ago. My wife, 20 years younger than me passed away, at that time 1 year ago. Well we chatted on line for about two weeks when I asked for her phone number. She was afraid because of her speech impediment. I told her not to worry and that if I found it difficult to understand I would let her know. I have been in radio for 49 years and have interviewed people from all walks of life so I was pretty confident. She couldn't't believe I could understand her so well when even some family members had a difficult time.

Even with my amputation I decided to take a bus 1000 miles away to visit her. We had a wonderful time for one week and then I returned home.

A week later I decided to visit again, this time over Christmas. She introduced me to her family and her late husbands family and they both treated my royally. We had a wonderful time for 2 weeks. She was in tears when I had to leave and so was I planning on coming back soon or helping her to visit me.

On the bus ride back i was suffering serious pain with my other leg, the left one.  To make a long story short on January 30th/ 2010 it also needed to be amputated. From the hospital I called her everyday. I recovered very quickly, two months and I was home with two prosthetics. I planned to fly out and see her in May and she agreed. I was feeling some strange vibes from her and felt , "something is not quite right here." She has changed. My God I loved her and was trying to get rid of these negative thoughts. Well folks, I was right and that's why I am here tonight to bore you with this story. You see, she chatted with me this evening on yahoo and told me that she was sorry to break my heart but it was over. so here I am pouring my heart out to anyone who reads this. I guess it's a kind of therapy.

So for you who have read through all this, thanks for listening and I will be glad to hear from any of you, negative or positive. Take care everyone.

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2 Responses Apr 19, 2010

I'm so sorry. I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling right now. I will be thinking about you, don't know if you're spiritual but I'm going to pray for you tonight anyway. You've been through so much and I hope that even in the smallest way it helps to know that someone was truly moved by your story and is thinking about you. I hope things get better. You sound like such a strong person. One day at a time, or one minute at a time if that's easier.

I'm sorry