Danny has LOTS going on. He has a few disorders, OCD, ADHD and depression and he has some other weird things going on from doing bad drugs. The ocd he doesnt like clean everything, but he has to follow a routine or he freaks out. He flicks the lights on and off 3 times before they go off so that he knows they are off so he wont "start a fire." and he is kind or a hoarder. like he has a million rolls of tape and I was using one as a bandaid and i asked if i could take it to soccer and he freaked out and said he needed that tape and he would need it during the soccer game when he had that tape for months and never opened it. And he has these hockey medals that he knows if someone has touched them because he knows the exact placing. And he has to eat 5 things at once like when he eats pieces of carrots he has to have 5 in his mouth always. And he skips everyother stair on the stairs.

And his ADHD is under control which is fine lol. But his depression sucks because he never wants to do anything and kind of just lies in bed and ignores people invites to hangout. The only thing he found fun was hockey and he just broke his growth plate in his leg so he is off most of the season. He thinks that means his hockey career is over because he was supposed to start semipro junior "a" hockey this year which is a huge deal since he just turned 15 and all of the other players are 17-22.

For the drug stuff he has just changed. He has a bad memory and he asks the same questions over and over. And he has horrible nightmares and sits on the couch for hours with a scarf on his head saying it will make his hands go back to normal. and he sits there and looks at his hands for hours. its so weird.
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Wow you sound like a really caring sister. I can tell your selfless & care more about others then you do yourself, but you need to focus on yourself a bit & this will help you though the tough times. Is your brother getting good help? Sounds like he is.