Embarressed By My Brother

  two years ago when i was 12 i was swimming in our familys tiny above ground pool with my older brother and sister. i was floating on the water when my brother grabed my trunks and pulled them off. he held them above my hed laughing at my embarresment and the fact that i was "under developed" as in small and hairless. i jumped up trying to get my trunks and in the proccess scratched his face a little making him toss them onto the deck. i scrambled to get them and i put them on. then i realized he was climbing up the ladder lookin pissed. i was a pretty big coward and needless to say scared s***less and i literally pissed my pants from fear. hopping he would spare me i took off my pants and tossed them off the deck. even though he wasnt that much older than me he picked me up  and i was too scared to do any thing but cry and move my legs up and down. he then tossed me  into the water as i tried to kling to his neck. he was slowly comin back into the pool again so i tried frantically to hop over the edge. after about fifty tries i got one leg over but my brother was gettin close and i  was too scared to get my other leg over. my sister being  half mercifull half mean shoved me off and i fell face first into a pile of mud and then ran faster than i ever thought possible to my house about fifty feet away . 

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Feb 28, 2010