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The Rat

NO, my brother isn't the rat! This is the story of a rat interrupting MY bathroom renovations. Little brother is supposed to paint and lay tile in my bathroom today. He called this morning to say he HOPED to get it done by noon, but first had to go "take care of a rat problem". I made the mistake of asking him to explain. Apparently he watched a rat go up into his trailer wall. He sighs dramatically. " But man I effed up. I shoulda shot it with the .22, (to stop the rat in it's tracks right there), but grabbed the BB gun instead. I hit it, can't get to it, and I think we're gonna smell it in a few days!"
Man, why do I smell a bad Jeff Foxworthy joke coming out of this???
emerald emerald 36-40, F 6 Responses Jul 12, 2010

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They make me drink but I think I'll keep 'em... till I find a place to bury them.

ROFLMAO! Boys will be Boys! *shakes head and sighs*

Yeah you would think but instead they find 'em and hide them in each others office until they start growing mold.

LOL, LV! I hope so too! <br />
MSP, I'm shocked the boys haven't been target practicing on the rats with rubberbands, staple guns, and paper clips! That sounds up their alley! LOL

EWWWWW!!!<br />
<br />
We have mice at the office and one of the boys bought this stuff that when they eat it they dry out from the inside. Yeah not a happy smell when one dies in the air vent. Guess they shoulda thought that one out better.

LOL! sorry about the smell, I hope he finds the body before cops do!