The Coolest Guy I Know

My brother is two years younger than me, and he is one of my two very best and true friends. My sister is the other. My brother and I grew up a little closer than the two years, as he happened to be only a single grade below in Alberta, if you're born in January, you can start a year earlier if you like, and so he did.

Like most siblings, we fought, he beat me up, I called him names. I'm sure we said we hated each other on occasion. But eventually we grew to like each other a bit. After high school, we worked in a restaurant together while we put ourselves through university. We had many mutual friends, and it was fun to share some social times together.

In 1999, I got to travel to Europe with my brother and sister, and that was when we were more than just siblings, we were friends. I learned that my brother was actually cool. We grew closer that month.

Today, we live half a world away from each other. Me in Canada, he in Czech Republic. He married a sweet girl from there, I love his wife just as much. But it aches for them to be so far away. When he told me they were going to move back there, it broke my heart. My sister and I felt lost without our third. But those moments when he comes home, and the three of us are's like all feels right in the world again, because that hole is filled.

That day when he moved away, my sister and I sobbed as we watched him walk out the door. Before he left, we hugged, and cried, and my brother just wouldn't let go, and he squeezed me a couple of times. Nothing was said, our tears said everything. I miss him in so many ways, and will always hope that he comes back home. Though, I will never be angry that he has to live there. I love him enough to let go.

To anyone who has, or ever will say to me "Well, at least you have a nice place to visit when you go to visit him" them I say "Well then, you never loved your brother enough to know that a nice place to visit will NEVER replace having him here".

You are forever, and always my best friend....don't know when I will see you next, but I will wait for that day once again.
Lucidblue Lucidblue
36-40, F
Jul 18, 2010