I Have A Brother And I Hate Him.

"Ikaw naman, 'di ka na mabiro!"

My older brother said that to me earlier when I came home from work. He pretty much told me that I was too stiff and I can't be joked around with. If only I can shout at him without anyone getting mad at me, I'd say, "it's because you're so irresponsible and unreliable that I always have to do everything."

I hate that with my huge workload at school, I come home to do most of the meal time chores. What I hate most is that because I'm the eldest daughter, I can't avoid doing them because I will eventually do them when I live on my own. My sister does them voluntarily when she's at home on the weekends, but she lives near her school during the week. I hate that I have to be the patient one; anything I say in this house will be immediately opposed.

It's bad enough that I'm the middle child (the one always ignored, the one who competes for attention and all that jazz), now I have to the eldest too!? Can't I have a life where everyone around me functions as they should?
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I have the best bro, but he's just not domesticated, that's just the way he is, I still love him dearly though.

You're lucky. My brother and I have no relationship. When we're left alone in the house, it looks like this: I'm at the computer in the dining room and my brother comes out of his room. He's either going to get something to drink, tell me to have lunch or dinner without him or ask if there's anything to eat. The conversation ends when I respond appropriately.

Give it time, he's a guy, they don't mature as quick as us, with luck in the future your relationship will get better.