Family Always

I have an older brother named Justin. he is basically 5 years older than me. he was born on October 15th and i was born on October 10th 5 years later. i love him a lot, he is kind but angers quickly. has a short temper and the smallest things can set him off. i don't tell anyone how much he scares me or how much he hurts me sometimes. i don't even tell him. i have problems with my left wrist, and we were fighting and he grabbed my hand and twisted it a little. it hurt like crazy and started to throb, but i didn't tell him, i just pulled away and ran outside. i still have problems with it and if i turn it a certain way it starts to hurt and throb again, and i can't move it. but i still love my brother a lot, i know if anyone tried to hurt me he would help me out. he also has a sweet side, but you don't see it much these days. but no matter how much we fight or yell, he is still family and i will always love him :)
darkness101 darkness101
18-21, F
May 26, 2012