My Hero

Most people would say they have a sibling they do not get along with or that they think is a bothersome. I can say, I am fortunate indeed! There is 9 years between us, very ralrely we fought and I always took him with me wherever I went and have always spoiled him. We are aggressive and pull pranks on one another. We are blunt with eath other, voice our concerns, talk openly, and know we have one another no matter what. He protects me and I protect him. He is brilliant, creative, artisitic, smart, humerous, sarcastic, and expressive to me he is what a girl should have in her life! I love him, I would be lost without him and my parents.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

My younger brother and I have 4 years between us and also childhoods spent apart from each other so we get along great! :)<br />
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I grew up with my grandma and my younger brother and sister grew up with my parents (long story) and my siblings and I met during weekends. We later went to different schools in different cities and got real closer when we were in our early twenties.<br />
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That is why I think we are oh so buddy buddy together, ha.