I Have Four Brothers

I have four brothers but I only know and am close with two of them.

J and C are my two brothers from my mother. I live with them of course, they are fun as hell to be around. They are 18 and 16. You know how teenagers can be punks well they are fun punks, lol. They are there for me if I need them, always willing to help me out - we spend alot of time together, watching movies, playing video games, laughing at jokes, watching t.v. It's all fun. =)

As for my other two brothers, R and L. Well I have met R one time in my life, and never really spoke to him after that he pretty much fell off the planet, kind of like what his father did to me. And L - I have never met, he doesn't even know I exist. But I am fine with it, the family that I have is just what I need.

MisssBlazzz MisssBlazzz
18-21, F
Sep 29, 2009