It Sucks...

I am a 16 year old white guy with a HUGE butt. I am otherwise tall and skinny but my butt is really big. It is kinda toned and isn't that soft, but it is still gigantic. I get made fun of at school for it occasionally, although it isn't that bad. The main problem is finding clothes that fit me. I have ripped several pairs of briefs, once in front of a couple friends while i was changing in a locker room,so they saw most of  I wish my butt were smaller,but i think it is something that will be with me for life. Should I embrace this or try and make it smaller? Also do girls find it attractive?
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Well, it comes in handy for mountain biking, hockey, and speed skating. Be active, and keep your glorious gift in all its healthy fullness and fitness. Consider it an asset. Really, I kid you not. I love you for sharing your thoughts with those of us who have some of what you have, but who long to have more. Reduce it? Perish the thought! If it is big, there will be detractors (they are wrong). If it is small, there will be detractors. Can you please everyone? -- No way. Be happy with your gift. I yearn to see your gift and enjoy its pleasing 'Gestalt' (form).

We'll I think u r lucky. I would die to have a bubble butt. My butt is like a girls it droops and the top is flat! It sucks!

Do you have a pic? I'd embrace it dude

When you say gigantic, is it, really? Or does it stick out just enough to notice?
Either way, it's a part of you that probably isn't going away, so I'd say embrace it.

Can I stick my hard **** in it?

me too

i would love it

My GF thinks a big butt is cute. You should embrace it, because getting a smaller butt is near imposible. Over time it will just get bigger. But if your butt is big and very noticeable maybe you should make your body big to match it.

It's okay.

why don't you try exercising? it's cheaper and if it won't succeed, it won't harm!<br />
I have similar problem so what I found is that the best exercise to tune the butt is the donkey kick exercise! try it for couple of months and see if it does of luck!

Lol i have tried exercising but my butt muscles just get bigger it seems. thanks for the advice though :-)