My Bucketlist

Swim with Dolphins

Swim with sharks (in cage only!!)

Watch Orca’s off Newfoundland / Greenland

Visit Borneo to see Organutans

Visit Galapagos Islands

Visit New Zealand / Austraila

Visit China / Japan / Far East

Take the Trans-Siberian Railway

Take the Cross-Canada Railway

Take the Orient Express

See the Aurora Borealis (in Scotland, Canada, Norway)

Visit Lapland

Be kissed in the rain

Go to Thailand

Climb the Inca trail to Machu Pichu

Travel down Route 66 in a convertible

Visit Yellow stone Park in all the seasons

Ride pillion on a motorbike

Go round Brands hatch / Knockhill in a stock car

Drive a Maserati

Drive an Aston Martin DB

Drive a Sherman tank

Go to a Broadway show on Opening Night

Go to a Premier in London Theatre District

Fly over the Grand Canyon in a Helicopter

Go and stay on a working ranch for a holiday

Learn to ride a horse (see above)

Camp out in the desert / wilderness

Visit LA

Visit NY

Visit Canada / Newfoundland

Visit Alaska

Visit each country in Europe (even for a weekend)

Do a tandem sky-dive

Learn a new language

Write a story that gets published

Learn to cook properly

Have afternoon tea at the Ritz

See the pyramids

See the Seven Wonders of the World

Visit the Louvre

Climb the Eiffel Tower

See Venice and take a trip in a Gondola

Learn to Fly

Learn to Dance – salsa / tango / ballroom

Visit India / Goa

Do a world cruise

Walk the Great Wall of China

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Well, if you want to be kissed in the rain... come to Ireland!<br />
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