I Call It My Life's Things to Do List

prompted by my dance naked in the rain story, here is the whole list (sofar):

write a book, see the pyramids, see northern lights, tibet train to china, snorkel the barrier reef, backpack new zealand, backpack thailand, dance naked in the rain, join a nudist colony, see cathedrals in EU, have a child, be a buddhist monk, have a transcendental meditation experience, go back to india & be happy there, play violin again, climb a mountain, make all my own wooden furniture, paint a masterpiece, fall madly in love, own my own home, hot air balloon ride,

northernwoodsgirl northernwoodsgirl
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 6, 2009

Done 9 of them. Go for it Girly they are all worth doing. Rob X

sounds good to me :)