Roaches and More Roaches!

Hey. This site says share experiences!  I just moved into this cottage and it is an old place and I expected critters but damn.  When I unloaded my belongings I noticed cracks and crevices and I know where they hide so I took a minute to spray here and there so that they would stay where they were and not infiltrate my things. The next thing I know there are 2 active roaches big enough to be limo drivers flipping all over the place! I went through 2 cans of spray the first night and one solution to the problem was keeping them from getting in and adding to the foray so I bought weather ***** and lined the grand canyon sized cracks around the door frames and that did the trick. I caulked and stuffed the other entrances and hadn't seen one single critter for 5 days. I'm sitting in my boodwar on the computer and a movement catches my eye. There's 3 big bugs coming from underneath my curtain obviously coming in through the crack in the window frame! It was as if they had a lifeline connected between them and it was follow the leader!  I sprayed the window frame until I can get it stuffed and sealed.  Them determined bastards couldn't get in like they used to so they actually searched until they found a weakness and plowed right on in! The funny thing is I was just getting relaxed about not having bugs anymore and this happens!  It's back to square one and now I will make sure that I stuff or tape each and every possible opening that they could get in here through.  If I'd happened to have been out in the living room I would not have even seen them coming in like that and if three got in one after the other by the time I HAD come in here there could have been an onslaught! I'd have surely lost my mind if I'd seen a swarm of roaches crawling all over the place as if they'd found sanctuary!  It gives me the heebie jeebies!
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2 Responses May 13, 2007

If you live in a cottage.. where are these roaches coming from..? I assume by cottage out in the country somewhere.. ?I'm curious..

Oh my God! This is horrible! I'm SO freakin out about bugs and spiders! I would not survive one night... hang in there. :)