Republican Whine About Obamacare

Baby Papa John Whines About Obamacare Cost While Giving Away Free Pizza

"Papa" John Schnatter, founder and CEO of pizza chain Papa John's has been whining about the added cost of Obamacare. Providing healthcare to employees, apparently, will make his pizzas cost a whole 11 CENTS more. However, he has no problem giving away 2 million pizzas for the Super Bowl...

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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Some years past now I briefly worked it the US and generally it was a positive, uplifting experience. The US's constructive attitude to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and general freedoms - However the attitude to healthcare I found sadly wanting. In the UK we have a 'free at the point of need' Health Service, and whilst it is not perfect it certainly does not discriminate against those less fortunate than ourselves.

I discussed this apparent oversight in a magazine, and subsequently I was vilified as a 'promoter of Socialist medicine'. Responding to the negative press, I argued that health and healthcare is a basic human right, and that no-one should be denied the right to basic healthcare, just because they cannot afford insurance.

One persistent correspondent suggested that it was Obama's secret agenda to 'microchip' the population. What nonsense!

yup...microchip...pure rightwingnut paranoid nonsense!