Cuddle Bunny

i never before knew bunny love.  now i know where the phrase "cuddle bunny" comes from. I've had my bunny now for a little over a year. we found her on a back road on a cold and rainy night. she was obvioulsy dumped off by someone. we tried to find out if someone was missing her but no, someone just must've been able to care for her anymore. well she hit the jackpot with me! we took her to a vet and got her fixed and her age is estimated to be about 2. her ear is tattoed so she came from a breeder but i did a lot of searching and couldn't find out anymore on that either. so now she's mine and i don't care about the rest. i love her and she loves me. what a joy she's brought to my life!

Positively Positively
46-50, F
Jan 26, 2009