Heh Adventures With Noisy Prince:)

 heh thats the best photo :)

this bunny is really ....ehehe idk what to say..i come to the small room in the house n i bring him with me.suddenly while i hold him tuuf!jumps and run to my room heh n i run to catch him all day,tsk..he wants to eat everything,even tried to eat my notebook.

today i thought he'd be the sleepyhead,he likes to sleep like a snowball haha but he started jumpin around again.

he even knows kung fu,heh..

now im typing n hold him like in the picture..till he decide to do sports in the house again:)

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wild rabbits?i didn know there are wild rabbits...

:O<br />
*takes Np and hides him*

yeah u right listenup:)<br />
<br />
palianthropos means a bad man,ap.

he tried to eat your notebook , maybe he was just trying to read it but then he felt hungry lol <br />
<br />
I have had 2 , one male and a female , they were running in the Garden and I was chasing them , they were too fast but I caught them in the end .. sometime they were running and suddenly disappearing , they were hiding themselves behind some trees lol <br />
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I am sure your bunny is thinking to do some sport with you now , he laughs loudly while you are chasing him lol <br />
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heh hes best WG, :) heh now hes under the table ,i think lookin for food again

Hmmm Rascal - scallywag? It's like when you're mother catches you sneaking a cookie /biscuit from the jar and says "You naughty little rascal" but she says it with a twinkle in her eye.<br />
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Noisy Prince! Haven't you taught him any manners??!

rascal = funny little imp

'ks ks''hehe

Wilderness.... his name is "noisy prince" because he makes a noise when he eats

Noisy Prince:)

He is very cute. What's his name?

oh..<br />

Heaps of fun :)

what is rascal ,spring?heh