Goodbye, Its Been Nice Knowing You!

Ok, everyone is probably wondering what i mean when i say i have a burn-out factor. Well, after about a year or so into a relationship i end up basically getting sick of being with this person. I literally start finding all the very things that attracted me to this guy in the beginning, i start 2 find annoying, repulsive, & unattractive. I really don't understand it myself. I've even tried going 2 therapy 2 get help 4 this, because i do see this as a huge problem. I've never been able 2 keep a guy 4 no longer than 2 years straight. Its always been a on & off thing. I get them 2 fall in love with me, push them away & then lure them back in again. It's really ****** up! My therapist says that she thinks it stems from my father abandoning me when i was little.which makes sense. I have been trying 2 change this stupid ****. The first step is noticing the problem. So, i am taking steps 2 help myself with this.
punty punty
26-30, F
Jan 21, 2013