I Have a Burning Ambition Which I So Dearly Hate

 I have 2 ambitions, this one I hate so much.

It is absolute craving for attention, for glory. This is what I hate most. I don't want that attention, but yet I do! I can barely harness this ambition. It burns inside me like a wild fire. It makes me crazed, go into a frenzy. When this ambition takes over me I become a real jerk, really stuck-up, and I know it too, I HATE IT! I wish it would stop! I want to be happy with what I have, for I know I have alot, and that I should appreciate it much more. But it is poisoning me. I hate it when I become so stuck up and rude and annoying. It is not what I want to be. But d*****, I fall prey to my instincts. I hate it.

Oh, if only I could control it, somehow convince myself I don't need the attention... but I am the doll of my instincts.

BrownEyedMystery BrownEyedMystery
Mar 11, 2009