I Have A Cacophony Of Misdemeanors

Post graduation, I took it upon myself to have an extended vacation --lasting six or so years -- before setting foot in what would be my education or what I should allot attention to.

I conjured enough courage to attend a community college.   I had retaineD: 3.8GPA, financial aid, a scholarship: and the cherry being surviving that meat market for several semesters.

With my too narrow ken.. both my mother and I became older. My mother's health decline so radically during my attendence that she required severe medical attention (insofar as staying in a sub-acute and hospitals for a year) due to her pulmonary condition. As toll for being in those facilities so long, her legs atrophied and cannot, as of this writting, ambulate herself anymore.

I dropped out to take care of her.

I am a brusque and brutish male.. I must have some mental detriments that I cannot discern so subsequently I have committed a flurry of domestic-violence instances.. including physical abuse. It now has come to my attention that the whole apartment-complex hates me to the degree that some form of coup has been committed by them all together.

And to twist the hilt of the dagger: I do not want, or cannot, change for the better.

So.. my life would be "mission accomplished" if you folks may share my story for a inspiration or two.

Thank you kindly for reading.
Albertovega Albertovega
Aug 4, 2010