A "Honey" of a Cat...

I have a calico cat called Honey. I love her so dearly, and her name very much suits her. She's a doll of a pet, a real sweetheart for sure.

Not a day goes by without Honey meowing up a storm. She's quite the little talker. I like to think that she's telling me all her thoughts and opinions about her life. I try to listen carefully.

She enjoys laying lazily in the sun, chewing my fresh cut flowers and plant leaves(but only particular ones, of course!), bringing me dead mice, playing with her tail, and drinking from the dog's water bowl because "that" water is definitely way better.

Honey is the best mouser that I've ever had. It seems as if she can smell them a mile away, and how silly, since she is only an indoor cat. But she can always find those little grey critters that like to sneak in our houses, especially in the chilly weather.

She's a dainty, precious babe. I wish every cat lover could experience a cat like Honey.

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1 Response Nov 29, 2008

oh thats sweet! i dont have any cats- just 2 dogs