My Cat Lost Her Meow

Almost every night, my calico cat makes her way to my son's room just as I am tucking him in. She is a cat of habit, and this is her thing. She loves my nine year old and holds a special attachment to him. Honey is always meowing, especially when you engage her in smart conversation. She always has something to say right back.

Yet a couple of weeks ago, I noticed her sprawled out on my son's bed with her head down. This was strange for Honey. She's usually helping with the bedtime rituals. I stared at her and spoke, but Honey wouldn't talk. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. No meow, no cough, nothing. Her eating  was normal, she looked great, she certainly seemed happy, so I just left the situation alone for a few days. In the meantime, I kept talking to Honey hoping she'd talk back ,but she didn't. I called the local vet office which was no help at all since they apparently had never heard of this. So I took her in.

After a quick exam, it was discovered that the back of her tongue was blue. This indicated to the vet that something must have been lodged or caught there for a while, but no evidence showed up so it must have gotten free on its own. Maybe a thread, yarn,...who knows. Everything else about Honey was fine. It's a mystery. But the good news is that Honey is getting her meow back, gradually, but back none the less. I have been giving her throat lubricants which are a little different than the standard furball ointment. I can hardly wait to have our old cat conversations back in the house again!

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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Our caiico is named Honey too. She requires waaaaaay too much psychological attention. She covets her "boy" and ****** me off. The vet said she needs meds for her anxiety and stress.<br />

They are wonderful! He had grunts and groans that said so much...a language all his that said so much. <br />
I bet you can understand her moods just by her sounds. :)

Oh I am so happy she is getting her meow back! Years ago I had a wonderful, talkative cat and I can't imagine him without all his chatter. ..