$kip's Life

As we all know, $kip is now big and a superstar, but we really never know what his life before and during his success. 


$kip was born on September of 1998. According to him, he started singing when he was 3, and was developed as he grew up and after joining summer voicing classes. $kip made piano a part of his act, after he taught himself. By the age of 10, he was an entertainer in some local clubs and was even featured in some radios around his town because of this. A viewer commented to join in their own local competition that will be voted by the public, with a prize package of $10,000 and would be signed to the sponsored label. In the end, he didn't won. During his performance, a producer and record label manager was impressed by his performance, and there he was signed and was able to record mixtapes. 


In December of 2011, he rejected his label and was forced to sign in another label. There he recorded "Skippin'" where the song peaked in the Philippine Charts, 2 weeks after the release. The song was also certificated by PARI with a GOLD. "It was so unreal, it was like a fantasy for me. Uhmm, I'm so happy with my song....." - these following words was his reaction after getting such award.


A rumour was made that he'll be recording his debut single, where he approved this issue, and said that it'll be released this December '12.
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Feb 18, 2012