Casted And Used

One summer during college I arranged a visit to my then girl friends house. Here family was out of the country for two weeks and I was able to get away from work.

My girlfriend knew of my cast fetish and crossdressing and actually enjoyed it...secretly she wanted to see me with another man.

After I got to her house, we shared a shower in which we ******, she asked me to shave my legs as she had a surprise for me.

I shaved my legs and met her in her room where she had a wheelchair and crutches in the corner and casting supplies on her bed.

I laid down and she blind folded me and told me to relax, that I would love what I was about to see.

When the blindfold came off about an hour later, I was in dual bright pink long leg casts bent at the knees and ankles, which were resting on a padded bench on the bed acting like traction.

I was thrilled buy puzzled. I asked her why she bent my legs like that and she said "you'll see" as she got my wheelchair ready.

A couple days and nights went by, in which her and I had great sex, which was tricky at first but we quickly got the hang of it.

She called me into the bathroom and told me she had some friends coming over and she wanted me to meet them, not as me, but as her girl friend from college who was injured in a freak basketball accident.

I said okay, and she started getting my clothes around. A tight fitting pink top, a low cut skirt and to top it off white stay up stockings that would show off my newly painted pink toe nails and obviously my casts.

Her friends came, and I was surprised that it was all guys, seven to be exact.

After a couple wine coolers, my girlfriend got up and took my hands gently and then ripped me out of the chair on to my casted knees. Before I could say what the ****, the first guy had his **** on my lips.

My girlfriend looked at me and said, see why I casted you like that? I couldn't escape for obvious reason and had my lips parted by the thick six inch member.

He proceeded to **** my face as the others circled around in preparation for their turn.

I would spend the next two hours sucking and being anal ****** like a cheap ***** while my girlfriend sat and watched. Each guy came between three and four times, either on my face, in my mouth or on my stocking covered casts.

I drank as much as I could as well as I love the taste of ***. After all the guys were spent, I was placed back in my chair and forced to stay in the room in my used and coated state until the guys left an hour later.

My girlfriend took me to her room and laughed at me and called me names while she peeled the *** covered stockings off my casts and made suck on each one until she was satisfied I had enough.

She showed me the hundreds of photos she took during which made me hard as a rock. She noticed it and slapped it. She told me she wasn't into sissies and laughed as she kicked me out of her bed.

We would have sex a couple more times before I left, and things went back to normal...until she set up another gang bang during the next semester....
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

How did you get the cast off? Dosen't it take a surgical saw?

You can purchase cast removal equipment online where you order the supplies. It's a good investment.

Casting is a great form of bondage. I got a huge sexual thrill out this and other experiences. Nothing like being helpless and taken advantage of.

I don't want to be cast, but i would love to be dressed up and gang banged! That's a fantacy of mine. I did love how you were set up and forced to suck **** and give up that ***!

casting is a new one for me/a kind of bondage