Our Molly

We have 4 cats, each with their own personalities.  Molly loves to chase toy balls, knoted plastic bags, paper balls, anything that you can throw.  After you throw it she will run back to you and drop it and then bat it back to your feet.  She will do this until one of the other cats gets in the way and ends the game.

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4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

They are wonderful little creatures. I taught one my cats to play fetch with a rubber superball.Another cat I used to have could not meow very loud. So, I taught him to ring a bell when he wanted to go outside. I only showed him once. The cat I have now will not go outside until I pet her on the head.I guess she taught me a trick :)

I had a cat named H that played fetch. My husband would pitch the ball to Z, our calico cat, who would bat it. Then H would get the ball that Z had hit. It was like his own little baseball team...

It's so funny, isn't it?? I used to have one that did that (sort of). Cats are fascinating - I have 3 now, it was 4 but one disappeared about a year ago. I still miss him - he was the "cheerful" one.

That's one cool cat ;)