What The Heck Did You Feed Him This Time?

Wednesday night is our grocery shopping and errand night. I put my doxy and siamese on the porch with their toys and water. We got back home and the first thing I saw was the cat running towards us (she is not confined to the porch as the dog is) and then I saw my baby throwing up all over the porch. I yelled to her "what the heck did you feed him this time?" and she smugly refused to answer. She professed her innocence on the porch steps and he continued to throw up and wag his tail while I climbed the steps with an armful of groceries. We unloaded the rest of the bags and I began my search at the bottom of the stairs. The only thing I saw that looked suspicious was a headless frog.  Aisha insists that she has no idea how that got there and Baxter is a dog and unable to communicate as effectively as the cat. I fixed their dinner at the usual time but for some reason Baxter just wasn't hungry.
This morning I questioned Aisha again about the frog and she is offended that I even think she would feed the puppy without my permission. So is it a coincidence that I see her at the pond every day for hours on end? She refused to answer that and just blinked and walked away. What ever shall I do with her?
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3 Responses Jun 24, 2010

not anything you can do. You don't have a cat. A cat has you. I think that's the appeal.

I'll pass that along to Aisha. She's always looking for new challenges.

Skin it for Baxter next time. Dry the skin, chop it fine and smoke it.