My Cat Has Issues!

I think my cat Beanz has issues, and when I say issues, I really mean getting his own way. He's 5 now and we've had him since he was a 7 week old ball of fluff that could fit in your hand. He's now this huge ginger tom who just has to make his point when he feels you aren't' doing what he wants.  It starts around 5 am in the morning with a bit of face rubbing and smooching to try and wake you up. If that doesn't  work he then scratches the bottom of the bed so hard, I keep expecting him to have whittled something out of the bed leg. If this doesn't work he then does a bit more smooching and then decides scratching the headboard might be better. 

Of course we're not going to get up that early, so he's told to go back to sleep lol, whereby then he decides to do the ultimate insult and spray. Obviously he now has our attention and after cleaning up, we're awake and he and the other 3 get fed. He doesn't stop there though, oh no, he sprays when your trying to watch TV, or talk. He once sprayed up my husbands back because he didn't give him his immediate attention when he came home from work. Now he has been spayed, and we have tried all-sorts to stop him doing this, but we have come to realize that if he doesn't get his own way, it's his ultimate F@@@ you!

He also seems to have an aversion to anything that's  dark, like a sock or the remote controls. He prowls up to it as if it's something that is alive which he then has to jump on with his front paws, and bash to death, which can be funny, unless you're trying to watch something or attempting to put the sock on. He's the same with ripples on the bed, and he won't walk on anything that's not a flat surface. I've never had such a finicky cat with these types of things. He is absolutely hilarious most of the time, but when he attacks the TV during a football match, you're left wondering is it because he hates football or is it because the teams playing are crap!

The only thing we would change about him is the spraying, and we think it might have something to with the fact we got him when we had our oldest cat, Thomas,who at the time, only had one eye, and at 18 was partially blind in the good one due to his thyroid. As he couldn't see well enough to go in the cat toilet, we had to put a towel in front of the back door for him to go on. So when Beanz isn't spraying you, or up the wall in tantrum, he goes on a towel in front of the back door, though he will use the cat toilet for the other. He's weird when he's going on his towel though, he does up and down motions with his back legs like he's pumping it out, and then he alternates to doing the same thing on the step with his front legs, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

He's also got a thing about carrier bags, and thinks every time my Mum comes, she'll have one for him to play in, because when he was a kitten she used to bring me her old books in a carrier bag, and he'd play in it. So he only has to hear the rustle of one and he's there in a flash. He'll dive in and out of it till it's like a tunnel. So yes, I think my cat has issues, but he's a fabulous cat, and I'm glad he's ours. As for the other 3 those are stories for another day LOL!

Wotserface Wotserface
41-45, F
Jul 16, 2010