Meet Angel, Papi And Superman

Updated to correct the spelling of Papi's name

They are the remaining cats of the litter Pretty Girl had back in April. We have given away two kittens but Angel, Poppy and Superman are still with us (and we are not trying too hard to get rid of them)

Angel is the last one born and the most curious. She does not listen to “No!” very well and even lifting her away from where-ever does not deter her.

After she got up here she had to see what was going on inside the sink

And this is Papi, solid black with his mother’s beautiful eyes

And finally, Superman. He is the quietest, the last one down to eat here.
Superman is also the biggest.

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5 Responses Jul 22, 2010

They are GORGEOUS !<br />
I understand why you can't don't want to look to hard to find alternate homes for them. I'd simply make them family !

I love the pics too! I have 3 cats myself

Thank you, mouse.

LOL Angel can be very insistent about getting up on the desk and checking things out,

Aha! So these are the little faces that keep disconnecting Me from you, who torment Kitty, and who threaten to pull a mells when their box does not meet their discerning standards.<br />
<br />
A warning -- as the authorities come to drag Me away to prison, you should frisk Me. I will do My best to steal Angel away with Me. She's stolen My heart. Not that Poppy, who is a mini copy of My Woof cat, and Superman aren't adorable, but Angel is My girl.<br />
<br />
Great story, My slave. Thank you for giving Me a look at the babies I already feel like I know.