No Such Thing As "A" Cat....

I really don't understand why or how i have sooooo many cats, plus other four legged critters. *smile* They just show up! I can not or will not ignore them, i have to love and feed them.
lol... I hope i won't become one of those old ladies who live alone with a dozen cats but i do already. (I do get them "fixed")

Each one of my cats and wild critters are part of my daily life. I even have trouble feeding all of them. Huh.... But you know, if i was homeless, hungry, i'd want someone to love me.
Anyways.... i really do love my four legged critters over most two legged ones! *smile*

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4 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Hey.... You are not homeless and I love you. I intentionally did not add hungry because for such a little thing you eat quite a bit.
Glad you said you said most two legged ones : )

Thanks! Sunflower and Sharossody! The "very" first thing i do when i get out of bed is feed all my four-legged friends. They come running just hearing the back door opening. lol... i pat and talk to each one of them. We are family! i have got half an hour till i go to work soooooo Have a great day! Take care

My d/i/law has 8 or 9 cats at the last count, [ our cat is from one of the first batch], they are all lovely looking creatures. She is like you, but with her it's because she can't bear to give them up. My son has made her get them fixed, last month she got Oliver... that's what i meant by 'last count'.

I'm sure they are glad 2 hav u! ; )<br />
<br />
It would be a sad thing to be homeless and hungry. it's so nice wen someone cares, esp. in a situation like that. even nice little comments help.