Cats Are Great! =d

Does your cat ever "gallop" like a horse, sometimes? If that makes sense? =/

Or hide behind doors, and jump out at you, when you walk in?

Or is my cat just strange. =P

But, cats are great, yes. ^_^
Hairstyle Hairstyle
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3 Responses Dec 17, 2007

My cat TOTALLY gallops. But that's because he's got a defect in his foot. When he was a kitten he got behind the washing machine and cut his foot right on his achilles tendon (or where would be OUR achilles) and now he limps, and when he runs he gallops.

Ha, yes, that is so adorable! ^_^<br />
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When cats get playful/hyper, it's great fun! =)

yes! one of my cats does stuff like that too! she'll do this little jump thing, and sometimes when she's running ahead of me, she'll partially turn around so she can watch to make sure I'm following and she'll end up running in a half-backwards-twist.<br />
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And then sometimes she'll get really playful, and jump around and you can tell she's so excited. Sometimes she'll jump out at people from behind the door or try to reach under and get you. It's so cute!