Her Name Is Wendy Pickles

And she does some pretty funny stuff. She's a total dork and is normally pretty shy and independent. But sometimes she wants some major attention. For the first few years of her life she was an indoor cat because we lived on a second floor apartment in the heart of Seattle. She even fell out the window (scary). but now we are in Oakland, on the first floor of a house, so we let her explore the out of doors. She thinks she's pretty awesome now that she gets to roll in the dirt and chase butterflies.
EPKate EPKate
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

What a crazy cat!

That window happening would have been scary for you, My moggy when we first moved into our new home could see the birds out of the floor length windows, he was wiggling his bum ready to pounce and before I could stop him "BANG", he fit the window... I might add he's never done it again.