Cats Make Life Meaningful

I have a cat. His name is Heidegger. He's well socialised, friendly, loving, snuggly, and has barely ever done anything to complain about. Yet we talk about getting a second cat. Is it reasonable to get a cat to keep Heidegger company? To make him happier through the day, while also making it likely he will get jealous when we are home? Also, I am concerned that the awesomeness-of-Heidegger will mean I could be disappointed with any lesser cat. Hopefully the potential new kitten will be awesome too, and love us and love Heidegger and create even more of a family.
Siandart Siandart
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

HI. getting another cat is like having adding to your family in any other way. You wouldnt love a your oldest chiid less if you had another baby...same difference. At least in our house. We just added a kitten to our family (had a grown cat & dog) The kitten is slowly making friends with the cat. Its fun to watch the kitten try to play with Pumpkin. When he has enough of kitten play...he just swats her away. <br />
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good luck getting a friend for Heidegger...great name for a cat!