How I Got to Rear My Cats

I have a cat.

It all started when i was 15yrs old. Around my neighbourhood, there's a group of cats. They're adorable! Whenever i'm free, i'll get some food to feed them.

There's 2 cats in auburn colour, and 2 in black. I'm quite fond of the 2 auburn colour ones! So i make it a point everyday to play with them. Initially my parents doesn't let us bring cats to home, but soon, they said nothing. My mom is fond of them, soon they became part of our family.

Actually, we wanted to bring them to sterilize, but we're abit too late~ the female cat, whom we named Mama was pregnant!!! Argh~~ but it's ok~~ she had her 1st experience of giving birth in my mom's closet~~ the 1st baby died~~ poor thing~~ the other 3 lived.

The kittens are cute!! but too many cats~ so we gotta give away one of the kittens~~ Some time later, my other male tabby cat name Gong gong, was injured~~ oh my he look so feeble~~ some arsehole kicked his rear~~ and made him can't control his urine and wag his tail~~ The hospital vet told us that he can't be cured~~ it's either we put him to slp or give the best care we can. It's seems cruel to put him slp~ we decided to bring him home.

It's really a chore to take care of gong gong~~ we have to mop the urine every now and den~~ No choice till we caged him up. few mths later~~ he passed away in his cage. i missed the days that he shared pillow with me, cheer me up when i'm feeling lousy~~ though he had passed away for 3 yrs, i still remember him deep in my heart.

Another of my baby cat passed away 2 yrs back. She's a darling that my whole family will remembered. When her ash urn was send back to us, i broke down and cried. Both of my cats were buried in a peaceful pasture where no one will disturb the eternal resting~~

Up till date, i sill have MaMa and one of her baby wif us. 

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i have a ***** not cat and i love it

Thank you guys~! A new year awaits all ahead, try to do a good deed by being kind to everyone~! Peace upon everyone, Love ya guys lots.

I know cats and dogs go to heaven as I had the vision of our dog Harry and China our cat (we had to put down both as Harry was in so much pain he fell down andcould not get up do to the pain and he wined arthritis was too far advanced, and China was very old we we took him he, he just stopped eating and was wobbling all over the place, well any way when my brother passed he sent me 3 visions one was of heaven, one said I would like it in heaven, and the first one was the he was happy, laughing and free of his unending pain,..I had the same vision of Harry and China walking up that ramp over the stars directly to heavenly gates...I had vision of my dad holding Snickers our 16 year old cat on his shoulders. I know your pets are in heaven.

thats so sad.<br />
In 2007 I got my very first cat named Misty, she was 11 weeks old, I only had her for ONE week and she was then put down for having a kidney failure, I was crushed, but now I have another cat named D.C and he is 2 years old. I'd be crushed if I lost him too, love cats sooo much!

thats so sad.<br />
In 2007 I got my very first cat named Misty, she was 11 weeks old, I only had her for ONE week and she was then put down for having a kidney failure, I was crushed, but now I have another cat named D.C and he is 2 years old. I'd be crushed if I lost him too, love cats sooo much!

I felt so sad for your loss, it sounded like there was definitely a spinal injury, I had a cat that was either run over or a victim of cruelty, ppl can be so cruel to animals that's why I am an animal rights activist, that wants to do vet nursing, I have three cats though two live with my mother, that's what you get when you volunteered at the RSPCA. I would like to say thank you for sharing your story:-) And never stop caring about animals they need you:-)

I would like to have a relashionship with a man that could love cats just like you.Sensitive story.I hope your cat is in peace now in Heaven.

Hey guys, sorry for not logging in for a long time. Been quite busy with sch exams and work! Thanks for all the comments. Yep, having domestic animals around makes us a better person. To be caring, to improve our character and principles and the animals well being. I can't stand arseholes that are out to torture animals. In singapore recently, there's one news about kittens being mutilated!! that was damn sad and i'm grossed with the ugliness of what people ARE capable in doing!!!

Allie, you have a kind and loving heart. Even tho you have lost some of your cats, they had a better life with you and your family than they would have otherwise. They knew love and caring. I'm so glad that you still have two to love. They are very lucky cats. We all need to do whatever we can to make the lives of some poor animals better. It helps us grow into better people, and helps them grow in spirit too. Bless you!

well when i was younger i had a cat "skunk".She was black with a white stripe down her back.And my brother had a cat "venus".My cat was hit by a car.I can't have them because im allergic to them so my family and i have 4 dogs. Q-Bear,Scud,Diablo,and Gericho

i love this story it is so sad! and inspiring

wow allie!i feel the same way!i mean really animals dont mean any trouble.thats y im studing to be a vet!

that is so sad.....i'm so so so so soooooo sorry!!! = (

Thanks for the comment guys! Well, i guess pets and humans are the same in such a way that they do fall sick like humans. I just hate people torturing all this poor animals. They're just harmless little babies finding a way to live~~ I dun think it's wrong by giving food to stray cats. Only people who doesn't like it will cook up all sorts of excuses to get rid of them.

got my latest cat from work.was actually been feeding her at my workplace for a couple of years till some 'ugly hearts' colleagues were ratting to my boss that the cat might cause a nuisance in the future to our brought her home

One of my cats was paralyzed, but it happened differently than what happened to Gong Gong. Star had cancer inside her spinal column, and the tumor crushed her spinal cord. After paying $2000 of medical bills trying to see if there was anything to be done, we finally had to put her to sleep. She was only 3 years old, so even if we were to operate to remove the tumor, she had only a 50% chance of recovering use of her rear legs, and there was a high chance of the cancer coming back. We didn't think it was fair for her having suffered so much already, and we loved her so much we didn't want her pain to continue. So we put her to sleep. ;_; It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It's been 3 years now and I still miss her every day.