My Cats.

I apologize in advance for the length.

Sixteen years ago, my family adopted a cat from a neigbor. His name was TicTac. We quickly changed it to Spiffy because he is a spiffy cat. He is still alive and kicking...and 17 years old. He is too funny. He likes to sit at the table when people are eating. He also likes to steal milk out of your bowl when you have cereal. Eleven years ago this December, my parents moved to another state (while I was in college), the house they bought has a garage. So, now he can go out to the garage. He used to be an indoor/outdoor cat but now he's an indoor only cat. Going out to the garage is the closest thing he can get to being outside. Of course, you have to make sure you shut the doors because he has been known to open them and go outside. Spiffy never went too far, but it was always scary. There have been a few times that he'd bring a lizard into the house. He thought he was bringing us a gift or he thought he was going to have a toy. We'd always release the lizards back into the yard. We'd actually put it in the woods or into the flower bed. Once when I was visiting, a bird somehow got into the house. We only realized it because Spiffy was watching and chasing the bird. The bird flies into the kitchen and Spiffy catches the bird. Unfortunately, for Spiffy, my dad caught him. My dad, not thinking, took the bird out of Spiffy's mouth but lets the bird go and is still hanging on to Spiffy. I'm like, "What are you doing?" The bird ended up in my younger brother's room. We had to turn to turn the fan off so that we didn't end up with bird guts all over his room. We shut the door and watched Spiffy. We knew that Spiffy would find the bird. At the time, my brother had bunk beds. Spiffy climbed the ladder to get to the top bunk. He thought he could get to the bird, which had landed on one of the fan blades. I got tickled because as my brother would slowly move the fan blade closer to him, the bird would hop to another fan blade. Poor Spiffy. He was all excited to get to the top of the bunk beds only to realize that the bird had flown away. We had to stand still and watch Spiffy. My brother finally got a hold of the bird and released outside. I had to laugh at poor little ole Spiffy. He thought he had a special treat...more likely a toy. He wouldn't have a thing to do with my dad for a couple of days. You want to talk about a cat that pouts...Spiffy is the one. He is also the one that gets jealous when my dad pays my mom any kind of attention. If they are sitting on the couch and my dad is rubbing my mom's feet, Spiffy will get on the couch and get in between the two of them. And he is obviously wearing the jealous face.

Now, Princess was a special cat. She would've been 16 this year. Princess was a seal point Siamese. I had never had a Siamese before. I adopted her in January 2004. It didn't take her long to warm up to me. Princess was my best friend from the very first day. She met me at the door when I came home. I'd say, "Hey baby. Did you miss me?" And she would meow. Then we'd go on about our business. I always loved how she knew where I kept the kitty treats. Princess knew how to look at me like she was pitiful and neglected...even though she wasn't. A lot of people have said that Siamese cats are talkative. She wasn't really all that talkative. I mean she talked to me and we'd carry on a conversation but she had different things to say. Sometimes, she yelled at me and told me to sit down and pet her. Sometimes, she told me that she missed me. Then at other times, she only gave me a look. I loved the mad looks. I take that back. I loved all the looks she gave me. On Halloween 2010, my Princess died. It was very hard for me. I watched her die and there was nothing that I could do to save her. I am still grieving over her death. Princess was like a child to me and many people have told me that I treated her better than most people treated their children. She was funny. She disliked other cats and, on several occassions, growled or hissed at cats, growled at the sound of a doorbell, and once growled at the sound of a baby. I don't think she knew what the baby was. She was rather protective of me. If strangers came to visit, she would hide until they left. The longer they stayed, the longer she stayed in hiding after they left. She loved to eat turkey, cheese, blueberries, and milk. Of all of those, she'd circle you like a hawk for the turkey. Because of Princess, I hope to adopt another seal point Siamese in the future. If you want to know more about Princess and what happened, check out this story: EP Link

Now, there is Kara, a 3 and a half year old. Back in March of this year, I agreed to watch Kara for a couple of weeks while a friend of mine went out of town. I knew that she was looking for a new home for Kara. The friend was doing more traveling for work and it was hard for to find someone to watch Kara. She didn't want just anyone to adopt Kara. At the time, I couldn't give her an answer about adopting Kara. I was able to watch her but I couldn't really agree to anything at the time. When Kara left, I realized how much I had missed having a cat around the house. I knew that I missed it but it took the presence of a new cat to really drive it home. Well, she had only been gone a day or two when I emailed the friend and asked her if I could borrow Kara for awhile. Spring break was starting at the end of the week (in grad school) and I wanted to pick her up that Friday. I didn't have class that day so I drove up and spent the morning hiking in the national forest. Kara came home with me and ended up staying with me until the end of May. The friend had some company coming and one of the people visiting was allergic to cats. She didn't realize that he was having to get doped up to stay there. The guys wife told my friend. Anyway, I thought that my living arrangements would change and that I would be able to let Kara stay. I showed her off and everything but was told no. It killed me. I wanted to keep her. I knew that Kara was happy with me and she made me smile. Of course, I did feel a little guilty for loving another cat, but I knew that Princess would be ok with it. She would want me to love another cat and to show them the love that I gave her. My brother had come out to help me out for a bit. It had to do with helping our grandfather. Anyway, my parents are about 13 hours away by car. Before my brother came out they said that they would let Kara stay with them until I could have her with me again. My brother and I met my parents and they took her. I missed her even before we left to come back to the house. My parents were coming out to get my brother the weekend of July 4. And being the good grandaughter that I am, talked my grandfather into letting Kara come back out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get Kara until the end of July. She is here now and is constantly by my side. Kara enjoys playing and thinks that she is supposed to go with me when I go to the campus. In fact, she wanted to go to church with me today. She cracks me up because she likes to drink water out of a mug and has been known to put toys into her water. Kara also enjoys drinking water out of the bathroom sink (I'll turn the water on for, for a few minutes). Within the last couple of weeks, she has decided that it is her job to sit on my back and sleep. She also thinks that it is her job to bring her toys into my bedroom. Sometimes, I find them on the bed and sometimes they are next to the bed. One of these days, I'll adopt a Siamese seal point kitty for Kara. For now, I think she is ok, but one day she will need a friend.
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Thanks for the interesting story. Cats so quickly become part of the family, don't they? My cat loves to chase aluminum foil balls. He also loves to hunt outside.