We have in 2010, welcomed a male cat cames as 'tourist' in our house's garden. Raised, fed, he was perfectly suited to our environment, to become his 'owner' places (like all cats). He was WFD (Without Fixed Domiciliation).

Time passes and it seems clear that the installation would become final. It past on the statute of WFD (Without Financial Dependence).
In april 2011, another cat, female this time, has taken over our garden as its preferred range, it also is gone from being WFD# 1 to WFD status # 2 (why not ?)

The story does not end there, why stop it ?

This mom cat has two small (+ - 1 month) kitten she protected in a neighbor garden (?) . As our garden seemed to be a dependency of Paradise, she set up her two kids on our land. So those two are gone from being WFD# 1 to WFD status # 2.

We asked our banker to open a credit line to feed the four 'parachutist'.

The moral of this story? Simple. My wife and I have become WFD (With Full Disorder).

Seems to be a never ending story !

I wrote this story on August 5th under the tittle [ 1-2-3-4 ]

Since this day, the mother cat was pregnant. Thus, of course, we were waiting for a continuation of this success story. Ok, done ! 

Two little fluffy kitten are with us now since october 2011. Two lil male, the first in black & white, the other full black.

If my addition is correct, SIX cats are now in our garden and sometimes in our home..... A real Sabbath... Juts waiting for the witch...LOL

May be one of this day another surprise... Oh, Noooooo

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Good grief Julie, you have a cat sanctuary! The little fur balls must enjoy the peace and quiet of your garden :)

lol. garden, corridor. Each day another Sabbath. Grrrrrr lolz

Ahwww! What a sweet story.<br />
Those Cats are in good hands with Mrs. Julie.<br />
To be continued....<br />
Keep us updated. xD

LOL. cats are stupid fluffy balls. They broke their cat's door. Grrrrr, handywork for Julie...lolz

We have 9 - all rescues one way or another, congrats on your 'gang'

9........nooooooooooooo !

Don't worry, after the first six you hardly notice them, apart from when they all get on your lap at once, sit on your shoulder, use you as a trampoline, all want feeding at once, you can't find a free chair to sit on, the bookcase goes; books, books, cat, books, cat, cat, dead mouse (eeekkkk!!!!!!).

I'm sure the cats will put in a good word for you- at least in Catty Heaven.

I'm sure too. Theses lil fur balls arre too much. So adorable, of course when they don't eat my slippers....LOL

Just think of all the "karma" points you are gathering.Your place in Heaven must be garanteed.

Well, I hope so. Because Julie isn't an holly person :)

I can't say is a happy ending sounds more like to be continued...

Oooh, I feel the story isn't ended, alas !

Ha!ha!ha! :D Awwwww! love you to,. My friend, also for some odd reason she has a managierie of cats in her garden,. Her thing, "she feeds them all and opens her porch door so they can all sleep in there" she has a heart of gold, she really has! That's the reason i loves her! <br />
<br />
Maybe they know, which side their "bread is buttered" lollol Awwwww! :D <br />
<br />
Great story my darling friend! :D and i thank you so much for sharing! :D :D <>

Tnat's my own cat's story. Better than a success story, huh ?