Three Very Different Cats...

but they are a family.  Literally.  When I met my husband he only had one cat, Lita, who is a Siamese cat.  Shortly after, he brought home a male cat that was being given out for free outside of his work.  Well, when Sam grew up, he knocked Lita up...  She had 4 ADORABLE baby kittens!!  Unfortunately, she had one stillborn.  I cried so hard.  I felt so bad for her, when my husband removed the body, she started crying... it was SO sad!  We kept the only female out of the litter, and named her Oops. 

Lita is mean, but who can blame her, she's old, and all of the other animals love messing with her.

Sam is wonderful!  He loves to be brushed, and loves to lay on us while we sleep.

Oops is weird...  she doesn't like to be touched unless she wants you to touch her...

Like I said, they are different, but wonderful!!  I love them so much!
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I have a cat his name is Dean.. or meow meows. Which he actually responds to meow meows but doesn't even look at you when you call his name.

Quality story! Great names for cats too.<br />
Mine's called Oscar. He's only got one ear now because he keeps getting skin cancer on it. :0( We had to get it amputated in the end. He's white and ginger, and the vet says that they've got the same issues as pale red headed people.

What a lovely story, Oops is not that weird really, quite a few cats are like that

Yea, I am just not used to it... the other ones will come when you call and love attention... So it's odd considering who her parents are.