Salem, The Black Cat

I have a beautiful, mystical, black cat. He is sleek and shiny. I found him when he was two days old on Craigslist. When he was eight weeks old, he came to live with us, that was last Sept 12th. He is a truly loving cat that has a serene personality most of the time. He is not agressive, but he is still a kitty, so, sometimes he swings from the curtains and behaves uproariously. He has never scratched me, not even in play, I have never known a young cat with such gentlemanly manners. He is regal in all of his ways, his head and tail are generally held high in the air, he exudes dignity and grace.
Salem is fascinated by anything that I enjoy doing. He is especially interested in my typing, but only if I am typing something that I consider important, he enjoys my coffee drinking, my folding of the laundry, my candle burning, my cooking, and my religious habit of feeding the birds. He adores rearranging the center pieces on the tables, just nudging this or that item an inch or two here and there, or sliding that other thing all the way over to the edge and then flipping his tail impatiently until I obediently put the item back into it's proper position.
Salem loves to nap in the winter sunshine on the back of the sofa. He is an expressionless voyeur, sometimes I think that he is taking notes on my comings and goings. He suspiciously knows when I am planning to leave or take a nap or take a bath, as he begins running like the wind for a reason that I do not understand. Salem can spend hours gazing out of the window over the winter landscape, his calm, creek water eyes glowing.
We have several dogs here but Salem is oblivious to these fur kids. He is rather snooty to the canines now that I think of it, as if he considers them quite a bore and a waste of good fur.
When I pet Salem, he purs in pure ecstacy, he closes his eyes, and leans his big head toward my heart, appreciatively savoring my touch.
Due to popular demand, I have now added his photo.
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2012

hmmm!!! he certainly sounds a bright gentleman - i think i would rather have Salem than most of the blokes out there thesedays!!

A lovely tribute to your special boy! I have my first male cat (having always had females up to now) and I find him such a different character. Very loving but in a persistent very "male" way which is hard to define. You have inspired me to write a story about him. Thank you for sharing your special friend with us (and I agree with TS that we need a picture!!).

Here he is darling! Salem the cat! Blessings and thank you for joining me today! Blessings and care always.