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And He's Got A Mustache!

Right now I only have one cat, and he's actually the family cat, not mine personally. His name is Shadow. We got him when he was just a kitten, and now it's been about 4 or 5 years, so he's full grown. He is all black with soft and shiny fur. He actually has white toes, so it looks like he's wearing socks, and he has a white mustache, well, half a mustache. It's white and curled up at the end. It looks really funny, almost as if it was painted on, but it wasn't! If only he had a full mustache.....but he's still really funny looking! He has a little bit of a gut too, but he's not fat. It's not a fat gut, it's just extra skin. I know it's weird, but it's true! It swings up on his sides when he runs, and then it looks really funny!!!

He is strictly indoor, and therefore gets all over us at night. I used to leave my door open at night, and Shadow would come in and jump on the bed and curl up at my side. It would be really cute, and he would keep me warm, but then I couldn't roll over, so it got annoying. Now I keep my door shut, so he doesn't come in anymore. But my mom leaves her door open, so he usually goes and sleeps with her.

He likes to chase string around the house if I'm pulling it. He'll even put the string in his mouth and walk around with it while I'm still holding on to it, so it looks like I'm taking him for a walk like a dog!! It's pretty funny, and sometimes he'll lead me all around the house before he finally puts it down. He's so cute!! 
skyhook2612 skyhook2612 18-21, F Feb 18, 2012

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