Actually, Four Of Them - Edit Now It's Six

One old man
One brother and sister
one daughter/niece who at the moment is resting on my back/shoulder
Amazing how individual they all are
The baby is long hair but her uncle and her mother are short hair and she had another uncle, my avatar, who was jet black while none of the others have any black.

Bring Up-to-date edit:
For various reasons, but inability to get along with others, sex and affordability to be brief, Angel's brother Superman and her daughter Yoshi had to go to Animal Management; that is a sad story. But on the other hand four new kittens have joined the family. Most if not all will be donated to good families when they are just a bit older.
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So true - Superman who seemed scared of me wants pets and cuddles from me and so does Angel and Yoshi has started sleeping with me and even the old man has started requesting some attention.

I LOVE this avi!! Yup, cats are all different. My cat is a total snob but it's all an act......He's the first one in line for a cuddle every morning.... :)