My Cat's Name Is Peek-a-boo

My boyfriend picked him up for me. He claims it was more for my son, but.. I don't think the cat knew that at the time. He was of course the fluffiest little thing you ever saw. Tortoise-shell and white with green eyes with a little pink nose. I lived in a small beach cabin at the time, with plenty of nooks and crannies, not to mention spaces under the bed and couch with which to steal and stock pile socks. Yes, Peek-a-boo has a fetish for socks. Much to my chagrin and my son's delight.
 The weird habits of my Cat consist of; greeting me in the morning by laying on my chest and sniffing my nose. And following me to the bathroom whenever I gotta go. Lol. He will lay at my feet or lay in the sink. Once, I had my shorts around my ankles (tmi, i know), and peek-a-boo lay down inside my shorts.
 He absolutely loooooves yoghurt, and will do anything to get his paws on it while it is in my hands. He will try anything I am eating or drinking. And probably found out that he likes cantaloup and watermelon that way.
nimbusdreams nimbusdreams
Mar 5, 2012